Tuesday Tease: RedDress Two Wives


Welcome back to Tuesday Tease! This week, I feature Native American contemporary romance author RA Winter’s book RedDress Two Wives.


Sarah’s beau left her. She didn’t excite him.
To reinvent herself, she travels to New York, where she meets John. A sexy voice on the phone.
What could go wrong?
Get caught with a vibrating purple…? Check.
Entertaining a threesome with a blow-up doll? Yep.
Geez, and let’s not forget the manure. Esh.

John enjoyed the color splashes, and the dining room table looked fit for a royal dinner. He could see himself here… nope. Don’t go there Johnny boy, she’ll leave soon. For now, it’s all fun for me.

John walked towards the bedroom, his mind on Sarah. She was always a good distraction from work.

Naay. Giddy up there li’l doggie. Ha!

Shut up! Damn.

He rounded the corner and stopped. Sarah sat on the stairs with a whip in hand, vibrator dancing and a…

Blow up doll?

“Ahh, zmy human toy hast arrived,” she said in a funky accent, her voice low and sensual. “Ursula und I zare here to conquer zhe human race and demand ze blood. Zerr blood.” She flicked her whip and jumped up, then marched around him. Her fingers raked down his arm, she grabbed her dangly and turned it on, grinning as it came to life. She unbuttoned her corset and flung it aside. “I’ve been told zzthat a human male can only last zso long before losing control.” Sarah ran her whip over John’s body. She stopped at his maleness and rub it against her. “Ursula is my second in command. She will join us to see who vill zlast zlonger.”

John snickered. He had no idea where this was going, but it sure was different, he’d give her that. Maybe she didn’t mind his stupidity.

She undid his pants, yanking them down toward his knees. Her lips followed her actions as she kissed his skin. His blood pressure skyrocketed and flew through John, pulsating his penis to life. She licked his thigh, stroking his penis as her eyes stared up at him. The dildo buzzed, filling the air with electricity.

“Argh!” A shrill scream ripped through the house, obliterating all fun and amusement.

“Mom, what are they doing?” A sweet girl’s voice asked, her innocence shattered. John turned, horrified to find a family glaring at him. Sarah paused with her mouth open, so close to the throbbing manhood, and gaped at the family. Her lips widened as her eyes darted between the family and John’s erection. Stunned, she balanced on her heels, frozen with horror.

The vibrator buzzed.

A young boy stood with hands on his hips, wearing a sailor t-shirt. His eyes grew as he stared at Sarah and bit his lips. A young girl, a little older stood beside him, her eyes roamed over John. Her brow furrowed. The dad grinned, then caught himself as his wife inhaled. The lady turned red, then purple as veins exploded on her skin.

The little boy inhaled and whispered to his mother, “Will mine turn purple when I’m older, Mommie?”

“Can I play with your dolly when you’re done?” The girl pointed to Ursula.

Sarah’s eyes moved back and forth. Penis, family, penis, family.

“Ahh, but Sissy,” The boy said, “It’s got a big hole in its mouth.”

“It’s a purple people eater,” the girl whispered. Her mother inhaled. “It’s got a one eye and one horn, like the song.” The mom grabbed both children then placed her hands over their eyes. She kicked her husband as he continued to stare at the naked pair.

Sarah inhaled.

The vibrator buzzed.

John grabbed his pants and hurried to pull them on. Prodded into action, Sarah clasped Ursula in front of her nakedness. Crouched low, she waddled towards the stairs, Ersula’s legs in front of her. John slid on the leg and fell headfirst into Sarah’s dildo. Sarah clung to Ursula, and down she went, the heel in an unconventional sandwich.

The husband’s eyes went dreamy. The boy jumped away from his mother and laughed.

“I want to see too,” his sister said. The mother clasped her tighter and dragged her toward her brother. She reached but he evaded her grasp, eyes wide with wonder.

“Wait, let me explain,” John yelled as he squashed Ursula. Her head ballooned under the pressure, her eyes expanded as her mouth widened into an O. John crawled off the ‘girls’, dragging Ursula with him.

The husband stared.


The mother yelled, grabbed her children and pushed them towards the door. “I’m suing! My children will need therapy for life!”

The boy turned around, “Why does she have a purple pee-pee, isn’t she a girl?”

His mother screamed at him and ushered them towards the door.

The girl yelled, “But, Mommy, I want a dolly too!”

“Paul,” she snapped. She turned and glared at her husband. “Paul!”

“Oh, yes dear,” he said. He took one last, lingering look at Sarah’s body and her buzzing vibrator.

Sarah crouched lower and moaned. She reached for the dildo and fumbled with the switch. The motion increased and so did the sound. Sarah’s eyes widened as she stared at the family.


“Just getting the details for the lawsuit. Don’t want to leave anything out, now do we?”

“Stop, don’t leave until I explain!” John pleaded to the retreating family.


“Wait till everybody at school hears about this. A real live purple people eater!”


RA Winter, began her writing career under her married name, writing genealogy books. However, her love for reading romance novels intruded in on her daily activities. She started writing “Little Sparrow” and fell in love with her characters and is writing many more books in the Romantic Western series, “Kiowa in Love”. Each one of Grandfather’s grandchildren will have their story told, as will Grandfather himself. RA spent many years traveling the world and has lived in many different countries. Turkey, Egypt, Germany, and Jordan, have all been called “home” at one time or another. Now you can find her quietly living in Pittsburgh, Pa


Tuesday Tease: Waiting for Tuesday

It’s that time again, ya’ll! This week, I’ve got an excerpt from Waiting for Tuesday, by Taylor Sullivan. I first met Taylor on a site for writers, and she’s never failed to entrance me! Here’s another great one!

18678845_854123644742340_106408813_nThe night I met John Eaton I felt that stability crumble. His smile, a mixture of little boy and pure devil. I knew his type, knew the sort of games that came with men like him, so I pushed. But he pulled harder. I tried to fight it, to shove away the connection that clawed at my heart, but it was too late. Roots dug in, grew deep, and twisted. I was his. But a secret is a dangerous thing. Held too long, it can rip a life apart.

When we got to the double doors, I held them open, stepping aside to let her enter the kitchen first. The room was empty, clean for the night except for the tools I’d left on the ground earlier. She slipped past me, her wild hair brushing my arm as she clutched the bag that was almost as big as she was.
“Right this way,” I said, leading her to a doorway on the left.
She paused when she saw the staircase and glanced over her shoulder. For a second I thought she might change her mind, come to her senses, and realize she was a tiny girl, and I was the man who’d had librarian fantasies about her all night. But she didn’t. She lifted her chin, adjusted her bag, and started climbing.
I frowned. I didn’t know why, but I didn’t like this one bit. All of a sudden, I wanted to lecture her about strangers. She looked like a strong woman, but I had no doubt I could snap her like a twig. My brows furrowed, and I remembered the guys who’d cornered her in the hall earlier. I followed behind her, my eyes locked on the slight sway of her hips noticeable even from under her baggy overalls, and I shook my head. When we made it to the top of the loft, my jaw ached from clenching so hard. Of course I have jumper cables.
What self-respecting man doesn’t have jumper cables?
I walked past her, set my drawer on the desk, and gestured to the phone. “Do you always follow strange men you just met?” I couldn’t quite explain my anger. This was exactly what I wanted, but now I was pissed she wasn’t making wiser choices. Why I felt so protective over a woman I just met was beyond me, but there was something primal about how I felt about her. Maybe my response stemmed from finding her cornered by those assholes, or the fact I grew up with three sisters, or maybe it was because she reminded me of Bambi—a deer caught in headlights, who couldn’t get out of her own way.
I turned around and met her heated stare. Okay, so maybe she wasn’t as much of a Bambi after all. Her stance was wide, her cheeks red, and her eyes were as bright as a brush fire.
“Do you always try to bed two women in one night?”
What the hell?
My brows drew together and I grinned. “Bed two women?” It shouldn’t have been so amusing, but this wasn’t the reaction I’d expected. “What are you talking about?”
She hoisted her bag high on her shoulder and half laughed, half scoffed. “It doesn’t matter.” She picked up the phone and began dialing.
I cringed and gripped the back of my neck. I wanted to laugh at how ridiculous this was, but at the same time, I knew without a doubt that would be the wrong thing to do. I opened the lock box and tried to focus on my job, but her words bothered me and I couldn’t keep quiet. “Is that what you thought? That I was bringing you up here to sleep with you?”
She shrugged then turned to face me. She was beautiful. Maybe even a little hotter when angry.
“Does that mean you wan―” But my question was interrupted by her doubling over with laughter.
Fair enough.


Taylor is a contemporary romance author who loves writing stories about real people. Ones with hopes, dreams, fears, insecurities, and flaws. She loves to read as much as she loves to write, and is trilled to share her stories with you. When Taylor isn’t writing, she can often be found with her nose in a book, her face behind a camera, or spending time with her husband and three young children.

Connect with Taylor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/@AuthorTSullivan

Tuesday Tease: The Boy Friend

This week, I feature and excerpt from the Boy Friend by the incredible Mika Jolie, author of the Martha’s Way series.

TBF Amazon.jpgI’ve found someone I can trust. Coriander is my human diary, and there’s some attraction there, too. But what now?
It is important to proceed with care and take a moment to consider the pros and cons of taking our relationship to the next level.
 Are you willing to make the sacrifice? It’s always the number one concern when anyone considers dating a friend
 what if it doesn’t last? If we break up, we might have to accept that our friendship might be lost forever.
 But then again, I’ve known her all of my life. We have a history, been through a lot together.
 Our connection is strong. Nothing can go wrong, right?

I want her.

She wants me.

Just not enough. Actually, she’s smart. We’re a bad idea. I’m well aware of that, except I like bad ideas. Exhaling, I scrub a hand over my face. This unrequited desire needs to be tucked away. I should have put an end to these crazy thoughts from the beginning, but I entertained them . . . like a playful pet. Now, my desire has grown into a ferocious animal.

Acceptance is key here. I need to accept that I’m the boy friend, without the perks, and move on. No need for unnecessary tension. Our circle is tight. Attraction, lust, are part of the human flesh. These wild horses of my mind must be tracked down, captured, and tucked away in the Do-Not- Touch Cori file.


Mika Jolie lives in New Jersey with her Happy Chaos—her husband and their energizer bunnies. A sports fanatic and a wine aficionado, she’s determined to balance it all and still write about life experiences and matters of the heart. Let’s face it, people are complicated and love can be messy. When she’s not weaving life and romance into evocative tales, you can find her on a hiking adventure, apple picking, or whatever her three men can conjure up.


Website: http://www.mikajolie.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikajolie.author/?ref=hl
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MikaJolie1
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8294433.Mika_Jolie
Amazon: http://amazon.com/author/mikajolie


Sunday Sit-Down: Lynn Miller

It’s that time again! This time, I’m introducing you all to the wonderful Lynn Miller. The Sons of Rebellion, her debut series, tells the story of a family of fallen angels and their struggles balancing a personal and professional life with battling demons.


MG: How do you relax?
LM: Haha! I’m a writer, so sitting and doing nothing, is not really a form of relaxation. My mind is always working. I scrapbook when I need my mind to focus on something other than writing or responsibilities. Facebook games are good too. But I must admit, most of the time I’m trying to figure out how to get things from my head onto my screen. I think it’s a writer’s curse, that the idea of being truly relaxed means having your mind wandering all over the place.

MG: What genre do you consider your books? Have you considered writing in another genre?
LM: Uhm. Well. It’s labeled Paranormal Romance. Although sometimes it feels like an Urban Fantasy Family Drama with some Romance elements thrown in. The challenge for me is sticking to the Romance while still maintaining the over-all story arc, which is about a family. I have two Urban Fantasies planned, set in the same world. Then I have a military drama which has been in my head for about ten years and an MG/YA boarding school series that I haven’t been able to shake for nearly twenty years. So hopefully I get to work on those, too.

MG: What would you say are the main advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing against being published or the other way around?
LM: Oh, the control definitely. As an indie author, I have given so much thought as to how I want to brand myself. What my cover styling would be? Which editors to work with. These are all things that I can control. On the flipside, I have no idea where to begin. With traditional publishers, while you don’t have much say in these things, the publishers do have a staff of professionals that know what they’re doing. As an indie author, it is so much more than just writing.

MG: Do you aim for a set amount of words/pages per day?
LM: No. If I put my mind to it, I can muster about a thousand words per day, but can only do that for two or three days in succession than I hit a wall for about a month. My aim is to at least write a sentence. Sometimes that builds into a two thousand word marathon. Some days, it’s only that sentence. I am at my most productive when I aim small, and take little chunks out of my day to write a paragraph or two.

MG: What do you love most about the writing process?
LM: You know those conversations you have in the shower, where think of all the things you should’ve said in an argument but just didn’t think of at the time. I love that I can turn those thoughts into real conversations. Play it out, so to speak. It’s good therapy.


Lynn Miller lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her love for storytelling started before she was able read or write but she only found the time to pursue this lifelong passion once she sold her software business. Her magical tales weave the blurred grey between good and evil with love, family and friendship.

When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up with a cup of coffee and her kindle. She has always enjoyed both Romance and Urban Fantasy, and she writes in the genre that encompasses both: Paranormal Romance.  She’s an outdoorsy city girl – comfortable at a campsite with her family or enjoying cocktails with her girlfriends.

You can follow Lynn on Twitter: Twitter: @lynnmillerfic

All in the Name of Romance

I know I normally have an author interview on the first and third Sunday of each month, and I promise, I won’t let you down, I’ve got an interview scheduled for tomorrow – I just couldn’t let one post over-shadow the other.

Today is a very special day. You see, seventy-two years ago, something magical happened.

On a California Naval base, by the power vested in the base chaplain, and witnessed by two close friends, my paternal grandparents were wed. Grandma wore a pale yellow skirt-suit and had a corsage of white carnations, while Grandpa wore his dress uniform.

There is little more romantic, in my mind because it’s part of my story, than my grandparents’ story. I don’t remember all of the details, but I do know that despite their differences, they made it work. For 65 years, they made it work. And they did it without raising their voices, without blow-out fights where someone came back, begging for forgiveness with an epic apology.

I have, in part, modeled the relationship my current MCs, Judy and Max, have on my grandparents because it was simple, sweet, and refreshing. It’s not to say that there weren’t stressors for my grandparents – Grandpa was in the Navy, they moved a lot the first few years, and they had four boys. Four. Yet their marriage survived for 65 amazing years.

And I never once heard them raise their voices with me and my brother – and we fought a lot, it could have easily happened – or with each other. In fact, I don’t even recall hearing them disagree on anything.

They never argued over religion, despite Grandpa being Lutheran and Grandma being Catholic. The thing is… it’s not that they never disagreed  – they did, and plenty. They talked about it like rational adults are supposed to do. They discussed their points and listened to each other.

And through it all, they were perfect for, and to, and with, each other. I miss them most this time of year – Grandma passed away on 1/7/2010, the day after my son was born, and Grandpa on 11/2/2010 – but in my children, I see traces of each of them, and in that, I have comfort. My daughter was given Grandma’s quirky little half-smile and generous personality, and my son has Grandpa’s eyebrow-lift and incredible ability to give bone-crushing, breath-stopping hugs. The hugs you never want to end, that you hold on to for just another second longer.

So here’s to the couple who always had a hug, and always wanted to hold on, for just one more second. I’m glad you’re still together, and when my time comes (hopefully not for a good long while yet), I’ll see you on the other side.

I love you, I miss you, and we’ll see each other again.

Thursday Thoughts: Nerdgasm

As you all know, I’m writing a novel called, Nerdgasm, of all things. When one nerd meets another, they geek out plenty over all the right things. I’m ‘not’ a nerd. I’m also ‘not’ a geek. ‘Neither’ do I do fantasy. Don’t believe those last three statements unless you don’t know me. I’m what I would consider a… ‘beginner’ nerd. I’m not super versed on the nerdy things that interest me, and I don’t know the science behind… well… much of anything. Basically, I understand Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. And that’s only thanks to a line in a movie, and I was like… “OH! I get it now!” (For the record, the movie is Deep Blue Sea, and the line is spoken by the character, “Preacher”, who says something to the effect of, “Put your hands on a hot pan and a second can seem like an hour. Put your hands on a hot woman and an hour can seem like seconds. It’s all relative.”)

This story was going to be a short story for the Bowman’s Inn world, and then I realized there was so much more beyond the end of their story, so much more that needed to be told than could be squeezed into a 10,000-word short story. So I decided to use the short story as a teaser to a full length novel.

Events happened, and I’ve skipped out on the short story option, changed worlds, and am now going to publish the full length novel on Black Friday, 2017 (November 24th, for the record) in both digital and print formats. I’m super excited, and crazy nervous about this endeavor. I’m fretting over the cover design I’ve created, I worry I won’t have enough, or maybe it’s too much, I worry that my references aren’t nerdy enough, or even worse, accurate. I’m freaking out over whether or not it’ll be ready by then, and basically every other aspect of the novel. Because oh, my god, I’m writing a novel. With a deadline. Even if that deadline is one I’ve given myself, and even if that deadline is still a year away. It feels like it’s a lot closer than it is.

I started with sixteen scenes, with about thirty more planned for the story by the end of October. Then I got most of the way through NaNo 2016 and looked at my scenes. Something wasn’t right. This one scene had to happen after another, but I had it happening months earlier in the timeline. Okay, fine. Move this scene here, and that one there, and viola! Wait. No. That totally messes this up, but I can move this over… no, because then I’d have to…

I stepped back from the story and realized I needed to do a full re-organize on the timeline of events. No biggie. I went into Excel and each scene got a box. The scenes that had to be in a specific POV got either red (for Judy) or blue (for Max) and anything that could go either way, I left in black. I cut them all out and got the key things in order, then filled in the blanks with what was left.

Late nights, headdesking, blurry vision, headaches, temper tantrums… It’s not a fun process. BUT… I got them in order. And then realized, no, I still need this one somewhere else, but then that throws this whole thing off…

So I tried again. Got it! Nope. I tweaked it a bit more. That’s better! Buuuuuut not quite right. What if I move this one over here, and then this one goes here, and then I need to add a scene here from Max’s POV. And then these two, I need to move, but then this one, and now it goes… Okay, that’s better, but I need another Max scene here, now. I went through the process, and figured out where the POV holes were. Then I obtained the brainstorming help of my pal, Misty Carlisle, to figure out what the heck these new scenes were going to be about. DING-DING-DING!

So now it’s all in order, and I have another 21 new scenes to write, one has changed what it’s about, others have been eliminated or mashed up with others because they’re important. Did I mention there are still probably a good twenty scenes that still need more meat to them, that need to be fleshed out more? *sigh* I’ll get there! And I’ll do it right! And I’ll do it well! And you’re all going to love my book!

Just a recap: Nerdgasm will not be published as a short story as originally anticipated, but it will be available in print and digital on Black Friday (11/24) 2017 as a full-length novel. It’s got a lot of work to do, and has undergone a number of major changes over the last few months, but it will be ready, and I’m super excited about it! Okay. I think that’s enough for now!

Cover Reveal and an Announcement!

03 Hopeless RomanticToday marks a fantastic day for all of my loyal followers and fans! Well, okay, tomorrow might be a little bit better. But today, you get to see the cover for Hopeless Romantic, a fun little story about a down-on-her-luck accountant named Hope and a can’t-judge-a-book-by-it’s-cover tattoo artist named Eddie. With a little help from a mythical entourage, anything is possible.

It’s big and beautiful and simple. The most excellent news is Hopeless Romantic (hopefully) goes is up for pre-sale on Amazon tomorrow, June 28th, and will be available for purchase on Tuesday, July 5th, for $0.99!