Tuesday Tease: Deal with the Devil

51bMhhFklTLAnyone can make a Deal with the Devil. But what would it take to break one? Becca Patterson weaves a twisty-turny short-story tale about exactly that!

Thirty years ago, Delia sold her soul to the devil. It worked out well for her, and she still has ten years left to enjoy the fame and wealth she got from the deal. Now he’s come back and wants to renegotiate.

With a deep breath she plunged into the pool and surfaced about halfway down. The sunny day had become shadowed, though there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The air felt frozen and not a single bird or critter broke the silence.

“You’re early,” she said before she saw the one responsible. “I still have ten years on my contract.”

“You have nine years, three hundred days, give or take a couple hours.” The man walked up to her in his always pristine suit that looked better than any designer had ever managed. They said only Jesus could walk on water. Maybe they were right, because the devil stood about an inch above the surface. “I remember how precise you were in that aspect of our contract, Delia Amber Rosso.”

The way he said her full name gave her the shivers. She swam to the side of the pool and levered herself out. “You’d think someone like you would heat the world rather than chill it. Aren’t you the one behind global warming?” Delia didn’t fear the devil. That contract bound him as tightly as it did her. She got luxury and fame for forty years then he got her soul. Not such a bad deal, but he couldn’t do anything to her for ten… no… nine years three hundred days. “Do you think you could tone it down a bit? I’m not dressed for hell freezing over.”

He scowled at her, but the warmth of the sun returned.

“So, since you can’t take me yet, what brings you around?” It never hurt to remind the devil of his limits. Those contracts of his were something to reckon with. She could attest to the power they had to grant wishes.

“I want to change our deal.” Delia stopped with the towel halfway to her hair. She had to have misheard that. The deal couldn’t change, he’d made that perfectly clear before she signed.

“No use begging or crying or trying to banish me by spiritual means.” He laughed that horrid nasally laugh. “Once you sign, that’s it. You get forty years to live with the benefits of a popular book then you come to me.”

“I said,” He pronounced the words with excessive precision, “I want to change our deal.”

“It’s a contract.” Delia turned to face him. “I’ve dealt with plenty of those over the past thirty years, even human made contracts are nearly impossible to break. You said it yourself that the contract couldn’t change.”

He laughed as he dropped into one of the lounge chairs. Still that horrible high pitched nasal laugh. “Precise as always. I did say that, because the thing you need to break a contract is an agreement to break the contract.”


Sci-Fi and Fantasy are just two of Becca Patterson’s preferred genres. An author hailing from Minnesota, she has been writing for as long as she can remember, and takes much of her inspiration from the teenagers she works with. In her spare time, Becca enjoys making her husband laugh, and playing string with her three cats.

Website – https://becca.mreauowpublishing.com

Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Becca-Patterson

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Mreauow


Sunday Sit-Down: Renee Grace Thompson

Author of all things romance, Renee Grace Thompson, um… graced me with her presence!

MG: Let’s start with an easy one! How do you relax?
RGT: Haha! Well, I suppose it’s obvious that I would read a book. That’s probably true for any writer. And I like to soak in a bubble bath in the dark with nothing but candle light. Other than that, I love hanging out and goofing off with my kids. They always make me happy.

MG: Where is your favorite place to write?
RGT: It probably sounds silly, but I like to sit on my bed and write. It’s the only place I can shut myself off from the rest of the world, and my family. I can close the door and feel comfy and cozy in my room. I have two big windows on adjoining walls that I can stare out into the woods when I’m struggling to find just the right word. I can’t really explain it, but my bedroom is my haven. It’s where I’m the most comfortable and the most creative.

MG: Have you ever written works in collaboration with other writers, and if so, why did you decide to collaborate and did it affect your sales?

MG: Do you think that giving books away free works and why?
Sure. The reader would have nothing to lose, so they’d be more enticed to try it. If they don’t like it, they can always toss it aside. At least that’s how I feel about it. And then the reader who likes that writer’s style will be apt to seek out more work from that writer. To me, it’s a great tactic.

MG: What do your fans mean to you?
Having readers follow you because they enjoy your work is an incredible feeling. To me, that’s more exciting than any paycheck from the work. It means you’ve touched someone and made them laugh or cry, or maybe both. You’ve made a connection with them. And that’s pretty awesome.


Renee lives in the Midwest with her husband and four kids. She worked as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist for many years, but now manages her family-owned business. Her spare time is spent hovering over her laptop, trying to transcribe the romance novels playing out in her head. There are several going on at once though, so keeping up with them is hard. She hopes to have her first novel published sometime this winter.


Renee can be found:

On her Website
And Facebook!

Tuesday Tease: Shear Luck

Shear LuckToday, I bring a tease from the entertainingly witty Sue Seabury’s newest book, Shear Luckwhich promises to be a fun read.

It’s sheer luck when the Queen of Coiffure books the wrong flight and meets Mr. Mane Attraction.


The mussed section of the gentleman’s careful comb-over is positively heartbreaking. Only a churl could refuse assistance. I use a subtle hand signal to indicate the problem. He gets it. Hair is smoothed; crisis averted. His cane is jutting out in the aisle and hits my sandal. The cane slides to the floor.  “Allow me.” I retrieve it, then place his rolling suitcase in the overhead bin for good measure.    “Thank you, erm, miss.” His squint seems mistrustful, although I use the utmost care. I hope I didn’t insult his manhood. He must be as old as my Grandpa Kimball. It’s only right for the able-bodied to lend a hand. “You’re welcome.”  On the way to my seat, I stow luggage for an over-processed permanent wave, a shaggy mullet, and a bowl cut. Is this flight going to Florida or 1982?   The thanks I receive may be lukewarm, but the universe repays me by placing the most gorgeous hair I have ever seen outside Fresno’s Sixth Annual Wig Convention in my row. A luscious black curtain that falls to his waist. Now that’s what I call serendipity.


Sue invented the internet, the selfie stick and sliced bread. When she’s not working on the solution for cold fusion and wireless power transfer, she makes up stories.


Blog: https://thetechnopeasant.wordpress.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SueSeaburyAuthor/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SueSeabury

Tuesday Tease: Dragon Splendor (Immortal Dragons Book Three)

Okay, so I’ve read one of Ophelia’s dragon series. And wow, was it hot! The tease this week is from Dragon Splendor (Immortal Dragons Book Three), and promises everything I love about everything of hers I’ve already read!

Dragon Splendor

Nobody said finding your fated mates would mean an instant happily ever after. But for Aurum, an immortal gold dragon gifted with the power of psychic empathy, love has never been simple.

Night after night, she has endured prophetic dreams about her pair of lovers, but finding them brings her no respite—the beautiful satyr, Calder, abandons her upon their first meeting, forsaking love for revenge, while royal ursa Nicholas…

Well, he looks nothing like the dark-haired man Fate promised her. So why does she find him so irresistible?


As war between ancient allies darkens the horizon, Aurum realizes the long-lost prince may hold the key to solving both her and Calder’s problems, bringing together the fated mates for good—as long as he doesn’t get them all killed first.


Their Fated connection doesn’t make things easy. But for Aurum, Calder, and Nicholas, victory might just go hand in hand with surrender where matters of the heart are concerned.


Aurum waited as still as possible, debating whether to leave and fly solo, or make herself known and go sit beside her sister. She itched for some kind of physical activity to alleviate the ever-growing craving for sexual energy, and a good, long fly would do wonders.

Nicholas’s masculine musk reached her, and her mouth watered at the scent. He smelled fertile, his aroma promising an abundance of energy if she had any inclination to take him to bed.

She didn’t, of course. The heat pulsing between her thighs was just evidence of her waning power, which she was sure would last long enough for her to reach the male who still regularly haunted her dreams even after finally seeing him in the flesh.

Males, she reminded herself. There was a second male in her dreams besides Calder, but she had begun to doubt Fate’s message, because that second dark-haired man had yet to appear. Still, that he continued to be a regular presence in those nighttime visions gave her some hope. She’d first believed that he was an ursa male, though she was more inclined to think he might be another satyr with the way he kept appearing at the river’s edge in her dreams, and was more convinced than ever that getting into the Haven was how she would find him. Maybe Calder had a brother or friend who was fated to be her second mate? And if he was indeed an ursa, then passing through the Sanctuary would give her more opportunities to meet him.

Closing her eyes, she could remember the scent of that second male, as wet and fertile as Nicholas, but the difference was that the stranger from her dream was hers as much as Calder was, and he was most certainly dark-haired and green-eyed with golden, sun-drenched skin and an aura that drew her own energy to it like a seedling reaching for the sun.

The thoughts made her cravings even stronger and she shifted on her seat, squeezing her thighs together to ease a bit of the pressure in her core.

Through the branches, she saw Nicholas rake his fingers through his hair and turn his head slightly, lifting his chin and inhaling as though savoring his freedom.

In a low, deep voice, he said, “I know you’re there, Goldilocks. And I’m guessing it isn’t watching your brothers that has you so worked up. Do you know you smell like sunshine when you’re excited? It’s the oddest thing, because I only pick that up from you. Your sister’s not shy, but she’s also nowhere near as worked up whenever I’m around her. Not at all, in fact.”

Aurum tensed, irritated by the fact that he’d sensed her presence. She shouldn’t have been surprised—he was an ursa prince, after all, being the firstborn son of Maia Stonetree. She’d just rather not have to have a conversation with him again after their failed first interaction.

“It isn’t you, I assure you,” she said. “My sister and I simply have different thresholds …”

His booming laugh stopped her and her eyes widened as he turned. His pale silver gaze bored into her as he stalked over, ignoring the scratch of branches against his bare chest. He was uncomfortably close when he bent over, his nose millimeters from hers. She leaned back, scooting as far as she could, her heart pounding. He inhaled again and grinned.

“Sunshine, Goldilocks. I bet if I spread your thighs, light would pour out from between them the same way water gushes from Gaia’s Source. Yet you seem intent on locking it up for a man who abandoned you.”

“Us …” Aurum whispered, barely able to get the word out past the tightness in her throat. Nicholas inundated her senses, heat pouring off him in waves along with that unbearably delicious aroma. He leaned closer to her, hands braced on either side of her thighs.

“What was that? I couldn’t quite hear you over the sound of that rushing river between your legs.”

“He abandoned us, Nicholas. You said so yourself.”

His jaw clenched and his irreverent, playful look vanished. “No … for him to have abandoned me, I’d have had to belong to him. But I don’t. You’re the one who does. Unlike you, I am free, for the first time in my life. Free to choose …”

He trailed off, and the flecks of green in his eyes seemed to burn with inner light, like his irises were a pair of opals filled with verdant fire. He swallowed thickly and swept his gaze over her again before shaking his head as if to clear it. He stepped back so abruptly, Aurum blinked in surprise. His eyes widened for a second, then he turned and crashed away through the brush, not even caring that there was an easy path not two steps away.

Aurum sat staring after him, her mouth agape and her pulse racing in her throat. She stood on wobbly legs, her vision swimming for a moment before she made her way out onto the sparring platform where her brothers and sister had stopped what they were doing to stare off in the direction of the ruckus of the huge ursa’s retreat.

“What the fuck is up with him?” Gavra asked. “Thought he still had a few rounds left in him. He has more energy than Kris on a good day.”

“I don’t know and don’t care,” Aurum said. “I need to fly. Are you three with me?” She spread her arms out and called on her powers to shift. Without waiting for the others, she launched herself into the air, aiming directly for the giant, glowing orb in the sky.

Sunshine, Goldilocks.

She closed her eyes and let the winds buoy her as she soared into the light. Nicholas’s voice reverberated in her ear, sending a shiver through her entire body, though her core heated even more. She inhaled the cold wind, seeking to flush the scent of him out of her head and the lust out of her body.

He wasn’t the one. So why couldn’t she stop thinking about him?

Ophelia Bell loves a good bad-boy and especially strong women in her stories. Women who aren’t apologetic about enjoying sex and bad boys who don’t mind being with a woman who’s in charge, at least on the surface, because pretty much anything goes in the bedroom.

Ophelia grew up on a rural farm in North Carolina and now lives in Los Angeles with her own tattooed bad-boy husband and four attention-whoring cats.

If you’d like to receive regular updates on Ophelia’s publications, freebies, and discounts, please subscribe to her mailing list: http://opheliabell.com/subscribe/



Sunday Sit-Down: R.A. Winter

This week, I sat down with well-traveled romance author R.A. Winter.  Let’s get down to it, shall we?

MG: Which famous person, living or dead would you like to meet and why?
RAW: Hmm. There are so many historical people that I would love to meet. From a caveman, a Neanderthal, Cleopatra, Methuselah, a ruler of Anchor Watt, a ruler of Teotihuacan, DaVinci, George Washington, Christopher Forts (my gggrandfather), Tecumsah, Sitting Bull, a slave, an alien (If they exist), all the way to Clint Eastwood and Johnny Depp. Everyone, no matter whether they were famous or not has a story to tell.
Yeah, I have lots of interest. But, I’d like to know about each of their lives, their thoughts and actions. I’ve always hoped and dreamed that when I die that I’d be able to ‘see’ history from the beginning. I mean, you have eternity, right? What could be better than reliving history? Chose and average Joe, follow him through life. See his choices or lack there of and their consequences.
Ok, sounds odd, I know. But, people interest me and there are so many fascinating things about history that we don’t know about.

MG: Do you ever get Writer’s Block, and do you have any tips for getting through it?
RAW: Walk away for a while and read other works. I’ve also finished a round on Bootcamp and joined the Ubergroup on Scribophile. These groups force you to write and putting down words on paper, no matter how bad it is, it can give you an idea on how to continue.
Sometimes I’ll work on the cover. Once you have a cover to your work, it adds an element of excitement. It pushes you to finish.

MG: Do you write on a typewriter, computer, dictate or longhand?
RAW: Computer and longhand. I keep a pad by my bed and write in the dark as ideas come to me. Some of my best one-liners have come at 4 am!

MG: Would you or do you use a PR agency?
RAW: I’ve never used one. Honestly, the thought never crossed my mind.

MG: Do you have any advice for other authors on how to market their books?
RAW: Contact reviewers and bloggers in your genre. Look up books similar to your own and ask them for reviews in exchange for a free copy. I also love onlinebookclub.org but they no longer offer free reviews but they do have a large following. Another resource is bookvetter.com. There you have to read five or six books to ‘unlock’ your reviews which are then posted on Goodreads. Another great place is ReadersGazette.com. They tweet your books for you! Wonderful site. Also, if you are doing a promo try AskDavid.com. Wonderful site and they had a large following too.

MG: That’s all the time we have for today! Thanks for sitting down with me today, R.A.!


RA 1RA Winter, began her writing career under her married name, writing genealogy books. However, her love for reading romance novels intruded in on her daily activities. She started writing “Little Sparrow” and fell in love with her characters and is writing many more books in the Romantic Western series, ” A Kiowa in Love”. Each one of Grandfather’s grandchildren will have their story told, as will Grandfather himself.RA 2

RA spent many years travelling the world and has lived in many different countries. Turkey, Egypt, Germany, and Jordan, have all been called “home” at one time or another. She’s even been employed as a Federal Agent. Now you can find her quietly living in Pittsburgh, Pa, with her husband, writing her next novel.


Sunday Sit-Down: Sue Seabury

Sue 04Another fantastic author interview! This week, I feature Sue Seabury. When she’s not making up stories, she’s working to solve the problems of cold fusion, wireless power transfer, and chocolate that imparts all necessary nutrition. She also has a new book coming out in the next couple weeks, called Shear Luck, about a hair dresser who hopped a plane to the wrong Juneau, and a sexy Tlingit Indian named Mario. Continue reading “Sunday Sit-Down: Sue Seabury”

Sunday Sit-Down: JR Creaden

Another author interview today! This week, I talked with JR Creaden, a YA/SF author.

MG: Who was your favorite author as a child? Do they influence your storytelling now? Continue reading “Sunday Sit-Down: JR Creaden”

Sunday Sit-down: Imogen Keeper

It’s that time again! This week, I sat down with Imogen ImmyKeeper, author of The Tribe Warrior

MG: Welcome, Immy! I’m going to start with a super hard question. What’s your least favorite part about writing?

IK: Proofreading. I just can’t see my mistakes. Nothing helps. I see what I expect to see, not what is actually there. So the process is painful and tedious.

MG: You won’t get an argument from me on that one – I’m the same way. Now for the flip-side. What’s your favorite part of writing?

IK: The zone! It’s like a high. I’ve felt it with anything creative that I’ve ever done… and by creative I mean the act of creating something on a higher plane, not just art and literature. Sports counts. I’ve felt it with the perfect golf swing, or tennis game. Cooking the perfect meal works. Anything I do that I really enjoy where my focus aligns with my goals, and my whole brain is activated on a single a wavelength. It’s just right. I love that high. The world falls away, my fingers move, I probably look totally insane, but for that length of time, I am my character. It’s amazing.

MG: The Zone is a good place to be while doing any project. I know you’re an Indie author – what made you decide to go that route?

Immy 02IK: Well, I had a brief stint with the now defunct Ellora’s Cave. While there are certainly more reputable, and more thorough publishing houses out there, I had a good mouthful of what it would be like to go the traditional route… and honestly, not that different. Traditional publishing houses take the bulk of the profit and they do the easy part. Hiring an editor and getting a cover is just the icing on the cake. That’s the fun stuff. The marketing is the hard stuff, and, mostly, they don’t help with that. So, it just felt like, if I was going to have to stand on the corner of facebook and twitter, selling my wares, I’d rather do it for my own profit, rather than someone elses. And man, seriously, the cover I picked out is so much better than the one they did. That alone made it worth it.

MG: Oh my. That sounds like a good reason to go Indie. How do you come up with your ideas.

IK: I’m not entirely sure, to be honest. And it seems to depend on the idea. Some plot
points take more work than others. Some characters are more difficult than others. Tam and Nissa’s story was very organic for me. It just happened, and the characters sometimes did things, or even said things that surprised me, so I had to go in and backfill some of their emotional journey, but for the most part, it just happened. Breaking took a little more forethought. Those characters were both far more inhibited, and I pushed myself with that story.

MG: Yeah, that sounds like the way my muses work as well. What are you working on now?

IK: The third book in my series, The Taming, is about a prissy woman who ends up stuck with a pretty tough man who comes from an enemy tribe. When the story starts, they hate each other. Truly loath one another. I’ve never written anything like it before, and it’s been a total blast.

MG: Ooh! Sounds intrigueing! I like to see how the hate gives way to tolerance gives way to love. It’s always interesting to see the way it develops. That’s all for this week, folks! And thank you, Immy, for sitting down with me this week!

IK: Thanks, Milli!


Hi! Call me Immy! I’ve got a stupidImmy 03-rampant
imagination for all things silly, sexy and
sordid. It’s hard to keep it all in, so I write down my day-dreams and my night-dreams into the form of big alpha heroes and the ladies who love them.

Immy can be found on her website: www.imogenkeeper.com

on Twitter

and on Facebook!


Sunday Sit-down: Devin Harnois

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with author Devin Harnois, who’s snarky characters and relevant (and often humorous) plots are something I can only hope to achieve some day.

MG: Thanks for sitting down with me today, Devin! We’ll start with a fun one, how does that sound?

DH: Yay!

MG: Where is your favorite place to write?

devin-harnoisDH: My office… which is also my bedroom. I have it set up to be comfortable and functional, plus, I have fun things to look at.

MG: Cool! I do like to ask this one, too. Is being a writer a gift or a curse?

DH: Gift, definitely. I mean, it can be hard sometimes, but why would you view something so wonderful as a curse?

MG: So very true. Speaking of gifts and curses, what do you think about social media for marketing? What works best for you?

DH: Umm, I’m really terrible about marketing. I have no idea how to do it. I’m on Twitter all the time becaise I like it. It’s a place to hang out and hear about things from all over the world. I’m not there to be a sell bot.

MG: I love Twitter, too. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

DH: Discipline. LOL. If I sit and make myself focus, it’s usually not too hard.

MG: Oh, discipline is definitely a hard one for me, too! So one last question. What are you currently working on, and what is it about?

DH: It’s a romance called Shadowmancer, about Marius, a man cursed with dark magic who is actually a precious cinnamon roll. He meets a guy who… well, I like to describe Ayodele as a Griffindor who was raised by a Slythering and left to create Hufflepuff.

MG: Oh, my! That sounds interesting!

DH: Thanks! It’s got themes of “weak” people finding strength together, and belonging, and fighting for each other.

MG: Fun! We need more “team” books; it seems like it’s always about that one person saving the world (or whatever it is they’re trying to save.) Well, I think that was everything. Thanks again for sitting down with me tonight!

DH: No problem! Thanks for having me!

MG: You’re welcome!


Devin Harnois has several published novels and he’d have more if he spent less time on Twitter and playing Dragon Age Most of his books involve magic, monsters, and hope. They’re also getting progressively more queer. He collects skull items and only a strong will prevents his apartment from being overrun by them.

In second grade, he wrote his first story, a romance about two mice falling in love. He still has the original draft.

Devin lives in Minneapolis

Find Devin on Twitter

And on his website, devinharnois.com

Sunday Sit-Down: Lynn Miller

It’s that time again! This time, I’m introducing you all to the wonderful Lynn Miller. The Sons of Rebellion, her debut series, tells the story of a family of fallen angels and their struggles balancing a personal and professional life with battling demons.


MG: How do you relax?
LM: Haha! I’m a writer, so sitting and doing nothing, is not really a form of relaxation. My mind is always working. I scrapbook when I need my mind to focus on something other than writing or responsibilities. Facebook games are good too. But I must admit, most of the time I’m trying to figure out how to get things from my head onto my screen. I think it’s a writer’s curse, that the idea of being truly relaxed means having your mind wandering all over the place.

MG: What genre do you consider your books? Have you considered writing in another genre?
LM: Uhm. Well. It’s labeled Paranormal Romance. Although sometimes it feels like an Urban Fantasy Family Drama with some Romance elements thrown in. The challenge for me is sticking to the Romance while still maintaining the over-all story arc, which is about a family. I have two Urban Fantasies planned, set in the same world. Then I have a military drama which has been in my head for about ten years and an MG/YA boarding school series that I haven’t been able to shake for nearly twenty years. So hopefully I get to work on those, too.

MG: What would you say are the main advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing against being published or the other way around?
LM: Oh, the control definitely. As an indie author, I have given so much thought as to how I want to brand myself. What my cover styling would be? Which editors to work with. These are all things that I can control. On the flipside, I have no idea where to begin. With traditional publishers, while you don’t have much say in these things, the publishers do have a staff of professionals that know what they’re doing. As an indie author, it is so much more than just writing.

MG: Do you aim for a set amount of words/pages per day?
LM: No. If I put my mind to it, I can muster about a thousand words per day, but can only do that for two or three days in succession than I hit a wall for about a month. My aim is to at least write a sentence. Sometimes that builds into a two thousand word marathon. Some days, it’s only that sentence. I am at my most productive when I aim small, and take little chunks out of my day to write a paragraph or two.

MG: What do you love most about the writing process?
LM: You know those conversations you have in the shower, where think of all the things you should’ve said in an argument but just didn’t think of at the time. I love that I can turn those thoughts into real conversations. Play it out, so to speak. It’s good therapy.


Lynn Miller lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her love for storytelling started before she was able read or write but she only found the time to pursue this lifelong passion once she sold her software business. Her magical tales weave the blurred grey between good and evil with love, family and friendship.

When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up with a cup of coffee and her kindle. She has always enjoyed both Romance and Urban Fantasy, and she writes in the genre that encompasses both: Paranormal Romance.  She’s an outdoorsy city girl – comfortable at a campsite with her family or enjoying cocktails with her girlfriends.

You can follow Lynn on Twitter: Twitter: @lynnmillerfic