Word Count: 8173

I have officially released Shift on it’s own! Available on Amazon for $0.99!

Current Word Count: 8173

Sweet! We’re actually keeping with the original publication date of… TODAY! Yes! Bowman’s Inn Autumn anthology is available right now for your enjoyment, on Amazon for $3.99.

Current Word Count: 8173

IT’S DONE!!! Yes. I’m SCREAMING IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS! Now to get it into the template and send it off to the publisher! Publication date is approximately the end of the month, closer to Halloween than previously expected, but that’s okay! I finished SHIFT! Okay. Now that I’ve got that out of my system, here’s the artwork!

I promise to keep everyone updated on the publication date as we draw nearer. In the mean time, enjoy your autumn, and play in the leaves!

Current Word Count: 7977

Have I ever mentioned how much I loath editing? Well… I do. Why? Because killing my darlings is just no fun. On the other hand, it’s a much better story when it comes out. Sort of like taking a car to the carwash. Okay. I’m back off to rewrite one of the scenes. It wasn’t urgent enough, tense enough. Then I just need to finish editing the last scene, and we’re golden for round two of crits! Woohoo!

Another crit in today, this one from DL Hungerford! I’m in the middle of editing, but I’ll apply your comments as well! There aren’t many but I do like them!

Current Word Count: 7821

Two more crits today, one from MissWrite, another from Ash Litton! Great comments, ladies! Now I’m off to compile my notes and start editing this sucker!

Current Word Count: 7821

First critique is in! Thanks so much to my pal Sierra Kummings for such a thorough set of comments!

Current Word Count: 7821

Woe is me. Actually, today is a day for celebrating. FIRST DRAFT COMPLETE!!! And it’s been posted up on Scrib for critique. I have to say, waiting for those critiques to come in is agonizing. It’s horrible. It’s wonderful. It’s scary. It’s exciting. Kind of like Christmas morning. (And the lead-up to it!) But the biggest part of Christmas morning is the not knowing. What will everyone think? Will they like it? Will they hate it? Will it be awesome and only need a few upgrades/improvements, whatever? Or will it be a complete mess that never should have been posted in the first place? We’ll find out.

Current Word Count: 2401

It’s always interesting when you write a conversation between two characters who will never see each other again only to find out that character is vital to the story, and will show up again – on a rather regular basis, even though it’s just a short story. Yep. That happened. She just rescued a homeless kid and got a meal in his stomach for the first time in four days. And I’ve changed her name. Again. She’s now Nikki. It could be short for Nikeela still, but Nikeela just doesn’t feel right. And my brain keeps going back to Nik or Nikki anyway, so I’m running with it.

Oh. And did I mention Felix isn’t exactly a prison guard anymore either? He’s a chef. A Cajun chef. He took over his grandfather’s restaurant.

Current Word Count: 1,190

So… I guess she’s not really a redhead. You know, I was up by 3k more than what I had last time. But alas, there was sum fun had by Scrivener – first problem ever from the program. I closed it up on Wednesday night, and on Thursday morning, the file had reverted to what it was three days before. Not just one day before, but three. So I’m working on getting those words back. And I’m beta reading a book one of my friends wrote. So… yay. Now… back to beta reading Crazy Beautiful Lies by Kathryn L. James.

Current Word Count: 235

Okay, so we all know I got Rafe drunk on Sunday night. And he spilled his guts. Well he only spilled most of them. He divulged a little more to me on Tuesday after write-in. This isn’t his story. It’s Nikeela and Felix’s. Nik is a shifter. She’s a redhead. She shifts into a fox. Lix… my goodness, Lix. He’s taken a few licks as a prison guard. But he’s risen through the ranks, and is now the warden. He’s a little older. Yeah. Anteros has a federal prison. There are two compounds – one medium security, the other is max. The bank robbers from Summer’s ‘Beautiful Day’ are about to be sprung from the medium security compound. Nik needs to tell someone. Her brother Vik is one of the conspirators to get the gang busted out of prison.

Current Word Count: 3470

Okay, so I think I’ve got it figured out. I realized last week that Rafe isn’t necessarily a jump in with both feet without testing the water first kind of guy. He’s one of those people who likes to sit back and think things through a hundred ways over before deciding on what plan of action is best. Which is why he gets frustrated with Vella as much as he does – she’ll just jump in. Plus he’s been in love with her forever, and refuses to tell her because he has secrets and he knows if he gets too close to her, he’ll end up telling her. And it could end up destroying them. (This is going to end up being a much longer piece than I thought it was going to be. There’s a lot of backstory that needs to be told, and I can’t just insinuate it into the piece I’m writing for the Autumn BI Anthology. This is going to just end up being a smaller part of the whole – more like a chapter in the story over-all, if you will.)

Rafe is a moody-broody-dude. I already knew that. But I got him drunk yesterday, and he divulged a lot of information. A lot. And yeah. It could destroy him and Vella. And I understand now why he has a no drinking rule. It’s not just because even a little bit fogs up his forecasts enough to make them almost useless. It’s because that boy can not keep a secret to save his life. And he’s got a few.

Also: This isn’t quite as much Vella’s story as I thought it was. It’s Rafe’s. Sure, she features, and she’ll have some scenes too. But this is Rafe’s story. Which is why he was getting mad at me. Well, that and he doesn’t like to talk about who he is or where he comes from.

Current Word Count: 3470

Unfortunately, some of those words over-lap. I’ve re-written a couple of scenes a couple times. Why? Because my character won’t talk to me. I can’t write him. Rafe is just giving me a blank stare – probably wondering why I’m pushing him so hard to just… DO something, to just SAY something. No wonder Vella’s always so frustrated with him. Well, it doesn’t help that she’s all about the action, and he’s all about the planning and thinking. Damn broody-dude. I want to wrap my hands around his neck and choke him. A friend suggested I make him react to something. *sigh*

Current Word Count: 1,907

This one popped up on me out of no-where. I don’t write shifter stories, but this one is. And I’m struggling with it a little bit, trying to find the right words for terms and titles within the story. I think I’ve got it figured out, but I still need to kind of piece it together.



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