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Nerdgasm available on Amazon

Nerdgasm F

PhD student and part-time waitress Judy loves all things nerdy. Especially that Sherlock Doppelganger who keeps coming into the restaurant she works at. How do you keep it together when someone as sexy as him him calls you ‘darling?’
Still tormented by her abusive ex, Judy isn’t sure she’s built for romance. Is Max’s easy-going and forgiving nature enough to convince Judy to give love another chance?

Video game coder and part-time recluse Max promised his family he was getting out and meeting people after his move from London. That pretty waitress is ‘people,’ right?
Alone in Ashville after a bad breakup, Max isn’t sure the college town is the right place to be. Are Judy’s bad jokes and geeky passion enough to convince him his heart is in Illinois?

One steamy night together might not be enough.


Hopeless Romantic available on Amazon

Massive winter storms have shut down Anteros, but that’s not 03 Hopeless Romanticgoing to stop Hope from her search. Or tattoo artist Eddie from his daily grind. Or bartender Valentine ‘Val’ Archer – Cupid, to those in the know -from business as usual.

Down on her luck, Hope is out of hope, and nearly out of home. On the run from her manipulative grandfather, Hope stumbles on luck – or, rather, into Eddie’s arms  – in the warmth of the Bowman’s Inn.

Val mixes a hell of a drink. But will the magic of his potions, Hope’s mythical guardians, and a green-haired tattoo artist, be the strength and courage she needs to stand up to her grandfather and fight for freedom from his corrupt ways?


Shift available on Amazon

Release date: 6/17/2016

Shift 007Cupid is at it again, and with Halloween just around the corner, all sorts have been coming out of the woodwork and finding their way into the Bowman’s Inn for a drink. Even creatures of the night need love.

Felix Barteau is back in Anteros, running his grandfather’s restaurant, Le Sainte Trinite. He expected the crew he used to run with to cause him problems. But he didn’t expect a foxy little lady to catch his attention.
Nikki Mason has returned to the one place she’s ever felt she belonged. Anteros and Abel Barteau have always held a special section of her heart. She hadn’t planned on a relationship at all when she pulled into town.
But between a runaway, secrets neither wants to share, and a little nudge from Cupid himself, Nikki and Felix find themselves in the one place they never expected to be: each other’s arms.

Perfect Ten available on Amazon

Release date: 2/15/2016

Perfect TenCupid is back to his old tricks, but these days, he prefers to go by Val, and he’s given up his arrows for drinks. With the rodeo in Anteros, things could get a little rowdy. Fortunately for him, his next victims – er, targets – just want a little peace and quiet.

Short on time, and even shorter on cash, former barrel-racing champion Tenley Kendall is back in the saddle to save the ranch. The only thing she wanted less than racing was to see her brother’s best friend, Greyson Jones—seeing him only reminds her of her brother’s death, and the friendship the three of them used to share.

Ten wishes she could forget her brother’s death. Grey wishes he could remember. Both stand to win bigger than they’d hoped when the retired bull-rider saunters back into her life. Can the pair work through the past that haunts them, and the future that promises more?


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