Playing With Fire

Angelo and Lucia are back, and things are only going to get crazier for them.

When Good and Bad are forced to work together, strange things can happen. Especially when Val gets involved. But can Angelo and Lucia find each other when their assignments – and a bit of unnatural jealousy – consume their every waking minute? Or will Val’s special drinks prove useless on a pair that was always meant for each other?

Current Word Count: 0

But I know where the story starts. And Angelo is trying to figure out how best to help Hope and Eddie. With a little help from Puck – yes, that Puck – he’s got it figured out.


So… this is going to be interesting. I’m working closely with my pal, Misty Carlisle, author of An Honest Puck, which debuted in the Winter, the Bowman’s Inn Book 4.

Her story borrows Angelo and Lucia from my short, Hopeless Romantic (formerly Crossfire.) They’re caught up in something of a romantic bind when Missy’s main male character needs Val’s help – and Val volunteers Lucia for a little fun and games. Naturally, this is going to cause problems for Angelo, who previously (off-screen) was given one of Val’s drinks.

My story, while complicated, isn’t set in stone, and I’m able to work my match-making magic around all the goings-on in Misty’s, as a lot of my conflict will be a result of Val borrowing Lucia (to flirt with someone other than Angelo, and without his knowledge) But yes. This is Angelo and Lucia finally coming together. Stay tuned for updates!


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