Perfect Ten

This was my first publication! It’s currently available as a single on Amazon for $0.99.

I hadn’t thought about doing a little WIP journal for this one, but in a nutshell, online pal Roxanna Haley asked if anyone wanted to contribute to the Summer volume of the Bowman’s Inn.

I thought about it for a day or two, an idea already formed, so I said I was in. Then I found out the theme of the volume was a rodeo.

So… a quick blurb:

Tenley’s in danger of losing the ranch. Literally. So she’s done something she swore she’d never do again. Barrel racing is all she knows beyond the cattle on her grandfather’s ranch, so to those who know her, it’s no surprise that she’s back in the saddle and winning.

All of a sudden, Greyson Jones, her late brother’s best friend and retired bull-rider, is back in her life. And he’s been waiting. For his Perfect Ten to forgive him for having the courage to keep riding after Tanner’s death.

But it may take a little nudge from Valentine Archer. Cupid is back to his old tricks, except he’s serving drinks instead of shooting arrows.


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