PhD student and part-time waitress Judy loves all things nerdy. Especially that Sherlock Doppelganger who keeps coming into the restaurant she works at. How do you keep it together when someone as sexy as him him calls you ‘darling?’ Still tormented by her abusive ex, Judy isn’t sure she’s built for romance. Is Max’s easy-going and forgiving nature enough to convince Judy to give love another chance?

Video game coder and part-time recluse Max promised his family he was getting out and meeting people after his move from London. That pretty waitress is ‘people,’ right? Alone in Ashville after a bad breakup, Max isn’t sure the college town is the right place to be. Are Judy’s bad jokes and geeky passion enough to convince him his heart is in Illinois?

One steamy night together might not be enough.


Nerdgasm is now available for purchase on Amazon Kindle and free to read on Kindle Unlimited!

Current Wordcount: Somewhere in the 82K range…

I love this book, and, y’all, I’m sorry it’s not out yet. I hit a snag with my beta reader who forgot to beta read it, and then I had to beg for a new beta, and she was able to get to it beginning of November. You know. NaNo. NaNo is for making words, not fine-tuning them. And I was on a big roll. I was the snowball collecting snow (or a word-ball collecting words) as it careened out of controll down the mountainside until fwap! it hit a wall and stopped. Now I’m trying to get my brain into fine-tuning mode, but it’s a struggle. I’m still hoping to have it ready for preorder in 12 days, and available for purchase on 12/23. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

Current Word Count:  82,892

And with that, my lovelies, I have finished this draft. BUT… and here’s the thing. I need to get my lists together and figure out where all the threads are, and whether they’re resolved, and should they be, and do I need to weave them tighter into the story? So… that’s my project over the next couple weeks. Then… I’ll be in need of a beta reader to make sure I’ve got it all figured out, that I haven’t dropped anything, that nothing is overdone, or not done enough, or… whatever.

So that’s where I am. I need to re-do the cover… I think? Probably. There are elements to it that need to get dealt with, that I don’t have.

Current Word Count: 64,431

WOOHOO!! It’s NAP TIME! I’ve finally completed the first draft of Nerdgasm! Now to wait for beta readers to tell me where the problems are. (I know there are areas that need improving, I just don’t know which ones they are or what the problems are specifically or how to fix them. Yet.) So… it’ll probably be a few weeks before I’m back in here updating that I’m working on this again. Hopefully, it’ll be no later than mid-May when I get started on revisions/edits. In the meantime, I’ve got plenty of other projects to work on, so I’ll be plugging away at those while I wait.

Current Word Count: 60,603

Okay, so it’s been a little rough going the past few weeks. I haven’t been in a groove, my mojo left with my muse, and the kids have been draining what little patience I’ve had. So I’ve been watching Yuri!!! on Ice pretty much on repeat, staring blankly at the blank pages that have been plaguing me, or going to bed early because allergies have wiped me out. BUT…

Tonight, I got into a groove with a scene, and it covered so much. And yet nothing at all. But I love the scene. In the early days of March, I’d set the goal of having the first draft completed for this, and I’ve missed that.

It could be because of all those things I mentioned before, or it could have been a lack of motivation. It’s not that I thought I couldn’t do it — I knew I could have. If I just buckled down and did it. But for whatever reason, I had no motivation. Even rewarding myself with a few episodes (or all of season one) of The Night Manager (because Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie, that’s why! For the record, after seeing him in House for 8 years, it’s really weird hearing his normal, non-American, British accent.) Tangents aside, I’m still pretty darn close to finishing this draft.

It’s not that I didn’t work on it or make any progress at all. Quite the contrary, actually. I made a lot of progress. Including cutting more scenes and adding new ones and blending a couple of them together in a couple different instances. I did get hung up on one scene. I’m still hung up on that one. But I’ve put it aside and am working my way through the rest of it. Because I still need to get those done, too. So I’ve been cranking them out. Or… getting them crossed off the to-do list, anyway.

But seriously? I’ll get it done, hopefully by the end of this week.

Current Word Count: 48,249

Oh, my, wow. I’ve been wording hard on this. There have been tears, recently. Not because I’m not liking it, or because it’s hard, but because OMG, I’m writing a novel, I gave myself a publication date, I’ve been blabbing about that date all over the place, and I’m super excited about it, plust super stressed over it. It’s exciting and terrifying and fun and stressful and scary all at the same time.

I may have melted down on Twitter a bit the other day. I gave mysel a pep talk. Because every time I cross a scene off my list of scenes to write, I see this list of scenes I still need to write, or re-write, or finish writing. Which, by the way, is basically everything in the book. There are scenes I want to review, to make sure that I don’t have them too short, or that they aren’t too long.

There are scenes I wrote with characters from a world this story is no longer set in, so I need to fix that, and — probably — the only way to do that… is to just block it out, figure out who the key players are, and re-write it. There’s still so much to do. The cover — maybe? The formatting, getting it out there for critiqueing, and to my beta readers, and taking the time to revise and edit the crap out of this… well… crap.

(Shh! Don’t tell anyone I said it’s crap!) I know. It’s just a first draft, and those are all crap. But still. I’m terrified I won’t make my publication date. Because I see all this stuff, as a whole, that still needs to be completed before I can say, “I wrote a novel.”

But I’m getting there, and I just need to remind myself to take a step back from it every now and then, and take a deep breath. Maybe write something short – a prompt to 1,000 words. A 3,000-word short story. I don’t need to publish it, or make it pretty. Just find something else to occupy my mind for a day. Or half a day.

I can do this. I will do this. And it will be incredible. It’s that simple. And that terrifyingly complicated. Because… I’m writing a novel.

Current Word Count: 38,555

New words, as you can see, and plenty of them! Also, SO MANY CHANGES! There were a lot of cut scenes after NaNo, and I’m now working on getting them written, along with other stuff getting added to, pared down, and completely cut or re-written. Yeah, it’s that time, I guess… Aaaaaand… OH!!! I just figured out why one of the barely started scenes wasn’t working! Later!


Current Word Count: 33,811

This was my main NaNo project this year, and while I’ve made major strides recently in regards to the plot of this story, the words have not been as many as I would have liked. I’ve certainly added words, yes, and cut a couple scenes, and… well… I’ve added a whole lot more. And all the result of removing the story from the Bowman’s Inn world. I’ve still got a lot of work to do on it – a lot more writing, revising, editing, and let’s not forget to mention the blurb and cover design. And the marketing. The thing I understand the least. The thing I’d hire out if I had the funding for it.

Current Word Count: 28,267

Yes. My word count actually went down. There was a mass sacrifice. Actually, it works better, and allows my “villain” (PitA co-worker of Judy’s) Ooh, I just had an idea. *makes notes* Anyway, there was a scene, and it never really felt like it was in the right place. Because it was too much too soon from the other character involved. Anyway, I wrote a new scene to replace it, and now I’m able to move it to a place that is more suited to the scene. Anyway, that’s my update for now!

Current Word Count: 30K-ish

Okay, so this is a bit more complicated than a simple short story. Judy and Max have more than just what is supposed to happen in the short story I’d planned for the anthology (which was moved up to this year, so I’ve got to get going on getting that polished and ready earlier). So I’m going to be doing the short version, comprised of a painfully selected series of scenes from the full length novel that is in progress. I know I’m at about 30,000 words right now, and I’ve still got a lot of writing to do. New contracts, so it’ll be a year before I’ll get the rights to it back. But I’ve already got the cover designed and ready to go (man, was that a pain in the butt!) and I’ve got this linked in two sections – short stories and stand alones. Anyway, they’ve given me much more to their story than planned, so there will be a follow up story in about… a year and a half. It’ll be out for Christmas next year. Promise.

Current Word Count: 2271

So… just to let my nerdy side out for all the world to see, my next Winter story (2017) is about Judy, a waitress at the Bowman’s Inn. She’s 23 and working on her PhD in… sorry, I’m back now. I was still working that little detail out. She’s working on her PhD in maritime engineering while simultaneously taking classes for her bachelors degree in nuclear science.

This, at this point in time, is coming to me rather easy. Easier than the spring story that is due first.



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