Hopeless Romantic

Current Word Count: Yeah, I don’t know what it ended up being.

But the good news is, Hopeless is now available as a single on Amazon for $0.99!

Current Word Count: Umm… about 10K?

As you can see, Crossfire has taken on a new name – Hopeless Romantic. It was much less about Angelo and Lucia than I’d thought, and their roles were greatly reduced. Hope is still down on her luck, Angelo and Lucia still need to get together (and will, in my summer story, “Playing With Fire”) and we still need to eradicate Hope’s grandfather from her life. ‘Cause he’s a douche. To put it nicely. We’ll take care of that this summer.

On another note, it’s been a trip getting this thing put together, but it has gone through all it’s rounds of critique, as well as edits, and proofs, and now it’s published too! It was really up in the air as to when, and honestly, I completely forgot to keep up in here. But here I am again. All done with Winter.

Current Word Count: I still don’t know.

That being said, I’m sure it’s a fair amount, probably close to 10k by now. Lucia and Angelo are naked, now I just need to get Hope and Eddie there. Sexy fun times are ahead! I really actually should work on this a little more than I have been lately – but there’s this other novel taking up my time. Yes. NOVEL. Not a short story. But this actually has a deadline, so I do need to actually work on it. No huge plot twists here, except a couple of backstory things.

Current Word Count: I haven’t a clue!

This one… well… it’s not about Clint and Stevie anymore. They’re going to be the Spring, and my final, contribution. I decided instead that I wanted to write about a tattoo artist. D.L. Hungerford asked if someone could write an accountant into their story so Mandy and Val can get a little time off and not have to worry about paychecks.

So my MMC is Eddie, a tattoo artist who runs a tattoo parlor in one of the basement shop spaces, and my FMC is Hope, a down-on-her-luck accountant living in the crappiest apartment building in Anteros – only about 1 step up from living on the street.

As if it wasn’t bad enough she’s just a few dollars shy of living on the street, Angelo, her shoulder angel, and Lucia, her shoulder devil, have been fighting non-stop for the past several weeks, and they’re driving her nuts.

Fortunately, no good deed in Anteros goes unrecognized – especially not by those who have been helped out by Val – and Hope ends up with a free cup of hot cocoa for returning a pair of gloves.

The rest, as they say, will be history, and there will be twists and turns for both pairs. I’ve already had a few surprises, and since it’s NaNo right now, I’m in the middle of at least three projects – this, Dawngard, and a little bit of character development for a C-plot in one of my other WIPs. Because I’m working on 3 projects right now, my works are all jumbled together, and I’m being lazy about separating them to put them all in their correct files to see where my word-count is. So you’ll just have to trust me in that I have a lot of words written. When I get past NaNo, I’ll give an official word-count update.

Current Word Count: 628

This one is another one that I’m working on for the Bowman’s Inn anthologies, this one for the Winter volume. Here, we follow Clint, a rodeo clown who made an appearance in my Summer story, Perfect Ten, back to the Inn where he meets – for the second time – the blond bachelorette from the rodeo earlier that summer. Stevie split with her fiancee after she caught him in bed with another man just days before the wedding. The pair bond over the top of Clint’s three-year-old daughter’s brunette head.



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