Current Word Count: Hasn’t changed much

Okay, so new revelations in the past few weeks. SO many things. The biggest, of course, is… IT’S A STAND ALONE BOOK! IT’S NOT A SERIES! *happy dance* Also, it could take a while to actually write this out. It’s only coming to me in bits and pieces. Like I’ll get a hint of a scene here or there, and that’s it. Enough to start the scene, and then I stall out again. Also: title change. It is now Dawngard: Legend of the Shadow-Shifters. Who knew? Vella is the Black Wolf, and Rafe is the White Wolf. There is no Red Wolf anymore. Just one bad-ass that needs to get killed. *Big sigh of relief* I don’t have to kill off one of my favorite werewolves. But… the favorite I still do. And I need to find a new muse for one of my other werewolves because the muse passed away this year. Anyway, so that’s the update in here!

Current Word Count: 21012

I plopped all of this into one Word file so I could find out just what I had for a word count. Yep. I’ve written over 21k for this story. And it feels great. Some of it is repeats in a different way because I’m still trying to work the scene out a little. But yeah. It’s progressing quite nicely. There have been a lot of plot-twists popping up on me this week – I believe about a dozen of them. And they’re all so good. (At least, I think they are anyway!) I’m not going to mention what they are right now, because I want you to be surprised when you finally get to read the finished product. For now, that’s all she wrote, and I’ll hopefully be back in a week or so with another update!


Current Word Count: Not really sure!

Since I’m in the middle of NaNo right now, I don’t know what my word-count is on this, or either of my other 2 projects. I’ll know later in December, when I go back and sort this whole mess out. The thing is, I start a new file for each day during NaNo, so I can keep track of how much I write each day, and keep my NaNo word count up to date. But it’s been coming along quite nicely. I’ve written the “I thought I lost you” and “I love you” scene. I wrote the scene where he has to win back her parents in order to be able to get to the other two scenes. I wrote the “breakup scene.” And that’s just some of what I’ve written. There’s even a scene where they have to kill a vampire, and Vella’s quick “do now, think about it later” personality comes in handy. Also humor. At least in that scene, these two will crack you up. But I have a lot of research to do for that scene still. There will be things blowing up. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Maybe, some day, when I’ve polished the crap out of that scene, I’ll give everyone an excerpt.

Oh. And no matter how hard I tried… (and I tried really, reallyreally hard) it’s a trilogy. Because the main arc will be all tied up, but they’ll have two new adventures to go on.

Current Word Count: Starting Over

Well then. Shift isn’t actually about Vella and Rafe, like I thought it was. Rafe was being a stubborn jerk, so on Sunday, I got him drunk. He revealed some things. Quite a few things, actually. All of it backstory. Then Tuesday night, he was feeling chatty again. And I got mad because he didn’t just tell me these things right off the bat. Because I was finally talking about his story, and not someone else’s. Did you hear that? NOT SOMEONE ELSE’S! That’s right. Shift is NOT their story. That’s why it wasn’t really working for either of them. But now that I know that, their story title will be getting a make-over. And the plot. Wow, the plot. I’m basically going to start fresh. From what I was trying to force them into before I got him drunk. I had bits and pieces of the whole before, but it didn’t really match with the story I was trying to write. So there’s some overhauls on Shift as well, including character & name changes and slight plot changes. But this is Vella & Rafe’s page. Since they started out as the same project, I’ll post my notes from it here.

This is another series. I was trying really hard to make it not be a series. But the sheer number of werewolves Vella and Rafe have to kill off is too much for just one story. But that’s okay, because I already had ideas for sequels anyway. Sort of. At least I had the foresight to make covers for them too? But yes. This is a paranormal series. The first one focuses on Vella and Rafe’s relationship – and a past they share more closely than either of them realizes. I don’t currently know what the second or third books will be about. At least, not 100% anyway.

Current Word Count: 3470

Okay, so I think I’ve got it figured out. I realized last week that Rafe isn’t necessarily a jump in with both feet without testing the water first kind of guy. He’s one of those people who likes to sit back and think things through a hundred ways over before deciding on what plan of action is best. Which is why he gets frustrated with Vella as much as he does – she’ll just jump in. Plus he’s been in love with her forever, and refuses to tell her because he has secrets and he knows if he gets too close to her, he’ll end up telling her. And it could end up destroying them. (This is going to end up being a much longer piece than I thought it was going to be. There’s a lot of backstory that needs to be told, and I can’t just insinuate it into the piece I’m writing for the Autumn BI Anthology. This is going to just end up being a smaller part of the whole – more like a chapter in the story over-all, if you will.)

Rafe is a moody-broody-dude. I already knew that. But I got him drunk yesterday, and he divulged a lot of information. A lot. And yeah. It could destroy him and Vella. And I understand now why he has a no drinking rule. It’s not just because even a little bit fogs up his forecasts enough to make them almost useless. It’s because that boy can not keep a secret to save his life. And he’s got a few.

Also: This isn’t quite as much Vella’s story as I thought it was. It’s Rafe’s. Sure, she features, and she’ll have some scenes too. But this is Rafe’s story. Which is why he was getting mad at me. Well, that and he doesn’t like to talk about who he is or where he comes from.

Current Word Count: 3470

Unfortunately, some of those words over-lap. I’ve re-written a couple of scenes a couple times. Why? Because my character won’t talk to me. I can’t write him. Rafe is just giving me a blank stare – probably wondering why I’m pushing him so hard to just… DO something, to just SAY something. No wonder Vella’s always so frustrated with him. Well, it doesn’t help that she’s all about the action, and he’s all about the planning and thinking. Damn broody-dude. I want to wrap my hands around his neck and choke him. A friend suggested I make him react to something. *sigh*

Current Word Count: 1,907

This one popped up on me out of no-where. I don’t write shifter stories, but this one is. And I’m struggling with it a little bit, trying to find the right words for terms and titles within the story. I think I’ve got it figured out, but I still need to kind of piece it together.




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