Clowning Around

Luke Reed needs a dress – and fast. Everything was stolen out of his truck, and Aubree, his three-year-old daughter is devastated. Among the stolen items is her flower girl dress, and she thinks without it, she can’t be in Uncle Grey and Auntie Tenley’s wedding.

Fortunately for Luke, Stevie Falk specializes in children’s clothing, and has set up shop in the basement of the Bowman’s Inn. Her One True Love turned out to be a not-quite-straight cheater. Now she’s focusing all her energy on the boutique instead of the children that aren’t in her near future.

Upstairs in the pub, Valentine Archer – Cupid in another life – has some special drinks just waiting for two single and lonely people. Will Val’s subtle interference be enough to bring the single dad the happiness he deserves? And will Val be able to nudge the seamstress into the arms of the man who can mend her broken heart?

Current Word Count: 3329

Wow. Considering the blurb pretty much wrote itself, it sure hasn’t progressed like I thought it would. Too many distractions? Could be. Next Winter’s story, Nerdgasm, certainly has taken hold of me. And I still need to get some more ideas for my summer story, Playing with Fire, as far as the plot goes. That should be a fun one too, since my pal, Misty Carlisle and I are working pretty closely on our Summer stories. *scrambles off to create the Playing with Fire page*


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