WIP Updates: Trouble Makers

That thing I was writing about the actor and the single dad? Yeah. I made it through the first draft of that. I did that last week. And then I started trying to figure out exactly what Unleshed was about, aside from Cam and saving the planet. (It’s still about Cam saving the planet from a black worm, just for the record.) But I’ve got some scene ideas now, and I know a bit more about how the magic works in his world, so… I’ve got some great ideas in a file of notes for next month when NaNo starts. Woohoo!

That being said, Trouble Makers (the thing about the actor and the single dad) first draft came to about 52,000 words. In case you’re wondering, that’s 122 single-spaced pages where each scene starts on a new page. There are 31 scenes. That’s roughly half of what Nerdgasm came out to, and about 10K fewer words if comparing first drafts. I did have to add in two scenes that I’d previously missed in trouble makers though.

And… I can’t remember what I’ve said about Trouble Makers and Unleashed. Originally, Trouble Makers was going to be my next contribution to the Hearth and Forge series, but some things came up in Cam’s timeline, and now he’s next in Unleashed. Just for the record, Unleashed is not a love story. It’s a redemption arc, an anti-hero arc, a save-the-world arc. There is no romance in this book. Cam will have to wait a bit for that. (But that’s the thing that came up in his timeline that I needed to move this part up for — his romance needs to be timed with a couple other things going on, and that’s happening sooner than I’d originally timed Unleashed for.)

So now I have Unleashed tentatively scheduled for early fall 2018, and Trouble Makers scheduled for summer of 2017.

I’m glad I’ve finished drafting Trouble Makers before NaNoWrimo begins in a couple weeks. I didn’t want to leave that hanging while I wrote Unleashed for NaNo. The good news is: I’d spent enough time thinking about Trouble Makers and whether I even wanted to write it, that I had a pretty good idea about the story before I even began writing it. And thanks to lots of brainstorming sessions with bestie Misty Carlisle, I’ve managed to get a really good feel for Unleashed as well, so hopefully, that’ll go even faster.

Other than that, I’ve got about a thousand other things writing related to do. Like book covers and blurbs and more drafting on solo stuff and collaborative stuff and everything in between.

So here I leave you! I’ll keep you posted with all things writerly! And sometimes stuff that’s not so writerly.



Nerdgasm News: And Other Updates

Nerdgasm is off with a beta reader as we speak. I’ll go one more round of developmental fixes, and then from there, I’m going to get it to the editor, formatted for ebook, print, get that cover done for the print copy, and then I get to hit that publish button! WOOT!! Well… for preorder, anyway. 🙂

In other news, the Oliver and Parker story is taking on a life of it’s own. If I hold steady with my norm (which, really, I have Nerdgasm as a norm, here, lets be honest), then I’m about 2/3 through this draft. Until it goes a round of alpha readers. It can wait a little, though. It’s not going to be out until 2019. I still don’t know what I’m calling this one. Leaning toward Little Kea, but at the same time, that implies the story is fully about Coby, when it’s Parker’s story. It’s currently just shy of 41,000 words long.

I am going to tell Cam’s story, though, and hopefully, I can crank that out in November for NaNoWriMo. I’m calling that one Unleashed.

This is not a romance novel. A love story, yes; it is his love for the land and this new family he’s found at the Hearth and Forge, and remembering Gran-gran for all she’d given him. But more, it’s a redemption story, a sort of “coming of age” story. And a little bit of a revenge story too, while we’re at it.

Long story short, Cam is a destroyer demon on a redemption arc that saves the world and gives him closure in regards to Gram-gram’s death.

The Big Reveal: Nerdgasm Style

Ya know? There’s something both cathartic and panic-inducing when it comes to finishing the cover of a book. Oh, my god! I’m getting so close to being done with this beast! Wait… I’m not done with this beast… oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap.

Anyway, Release is still officially November 24th, and I’m still super excited about this book! Judy and Max have undergone some major changes over the past couple years, and they’ve been for the best. So here’s to them, and just for you…

The big reveal!

Nerdgasm F

Thursday Thoughts: Nerdgasm (and more) News

So there’s this book I’m writing, called Nerdgasm. I may have mentioned it once or twice. Anyway. Judy and Max are almost through the first round of revisions. Meaning I’ve gone through all but the last 3… 4? scenes and have transcribed them into a Google Doc, at which point, I let a buddy read them and make a couple comments, and then transcribe — again — into a Word document.

This seems to be working for me. Right now. I still need to post all these refreshed scenes/chapters to Scribophile for further critique from my pals there to really nail this thing down. But I’m SO CLOSE! I’ll still have this baby available in ebook and print on Black Friday.

When I can’t concentrate enough on Judy and Max, I have this other thing that popped up. I said, “I just want to get the idea down.”

Right. Uh-huh. At the moment, I’m calling it Cameo. But I hate the title.

Hiddles Kiddo Hug.gifPrompted by this gif (seriously, I could watch it all day), I’ve had the idea in my head for a while to have a well-known celebrity (made up, of course) who is acosted by a preschool-aged fan who takes off on Mom when she’s not looking so they can go meet the celeb.

Celeb then has to go find the panicking parent. And… there’s chemistry, and sparks fly, and in the end, they’re together.

Now… I love Tom Hiddleston, don’t get me wrong. But I didn’t want to base my actor on him. And when I started writing, it came out that the parent with a missing kid was actually a man. My brain defaults to het couples. But then the kid showed up, tugging on “Misser Low-kissed’s” shirt. Oh. Okay. I guess we’re writing gay romance this time. Cool beans. (My characters do their own thing.)MMC1 & MMC2.JPG

And then we got around to the bit where the kid is actually his niece. Okay, so why does he have his niece? He’s going to a business lunch… Oh, the sitter is out sick, and his other options are out of town. Okay, so why does he have custody of the kid? Oh… Mom & Dad are no longer with us. Which of the parents was his sibling? Mom? Okay — OH! She’s his twin sister? Oh crap. It was a Christmas morning home invasion gone horribly, horribly, horribly wrong. How long ago was that? Was that this past Christmas? Or the one before? This kid is only four. Scratch that — she’s three. Yes, this is pretty much my thought process. But then…

Okay, so those are my character inspirations for Oliver and Parker. Here’s Coby, without whom these two might not ever have found each other…FMC


Tuesday Tease: Deal with the Devil

51bMhhFklTLAnyone can make a Deal with the Devil. But what would it take to break one? Becca Patterson weaves a twisty-turny short-story tale about exactly that!

Thirty years ago, Delia sold her soul to the devil. It worked out well for her, and she still has ten years left to enjoy the fame and wealth she got from the deal. Now he’s come back and wants to renegotiate.

With a deep breath she plunged into the pool and surfaced about halfway down. The sunny day had become shadowed, though there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The air felt frozen and not a single bird or critter broke the silence.

“You’re early,” she said before she saw the one responsible. “I still have ten years on my contract.”

“You have nine years, three hundred days, give or take a couple hours.” The man walked up to her in his always pristine suit that looked better than any designer had ever managed. They said only Jesus could walk on water. Maybe they were right, because the devil stood about an inch above the surface. “I remember how precise you were in that aspect of our contract, Delia Amber Rosso.”

The way he said her full name gave her the shivers. She swam to the side of the pool and levered herself out. “You’d think someone like you would heat the world rather than chill it. Aren’t you the one behind global warming?” Delia didn’t fear the devil. That contract bound him as tightly as it did her. She got luxury and fame for forty years then he got her soul. Not such a bad deal, but he couldn’t do anything to her for ten… no… nine years three hundred days. “Do you think you could tone it down a bit? I’m not dressed for hell freezing over.”

He scowled at her, but the warmth of the sun returned.

“So, since you can’t take me yet, what brings you around?” It never hurt to remind the devil of his limits. Those contracts of his were something to reckon with. She could attest to the power they had to grant wishes.

“I want to change our deal.” Delia stopped with the towel halfway to her hair. She had to have misheard that. The deal couldn’t change, he’d made that perfectly clear before she signed.

“No use begging or crying or trying to banish me by spiritual means.” He laughed that horrid nasally laugh. “Once you sign, that’s it. You get forty years to live with the benefits of a popular book then you come to me.”

“I said,” He pronounced the words with excessive precision, “I want to change our deal.”

“It’s a contract.” Delia turned to face him. “I’ve dealt with plenty of those over the past thirty years, even human made contracts are nearly impossible to break. You said it yourself that the contract couldn’t change.”

He laughed as he dropped into one of the lounge chairs. Still that horrible high pitched nasal laugh. “Precise as always. I did say that, because the thing you need to break a contract is an agreement to break the contract.”


Sci-Fi and Fantasy are just two of Becca Patterson’s preferred genres. An author hailing from Minnesota, she has been writing for as long as she can remember, and takes much of her inspiration from the teenagers she works with. In her spare time, Becca enjoys making her husband laugh, and playing string with her three cats.

Website – https://becca.mreauowpublishing.com

Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Becca-Patterson

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Mreauow


Tuesday Tease: French Kissed

What happens when an aspiring erotica author writes the story of Drew and Rachel for a “how to write erotica” class? You get French Kissed, by Sammie Maxwell, that’s what!

01 French Kissed

Auto mechanic Drew likes the rough-and-tumble bad-boys, but lately, her spark plugs have been misfiring. Giving in to a blind date, she meets the sophisticated Ray for coffee after work. But there’s more beneath the Frenchman’s tailored coat of polish than she’s ever driven before.




Standing on the sidewalk in front of my motorcycle, I bit the inside of my lip. Normally, I would have been the one to go for the kiss. I swallowed. I really liked him. “Gorgeous n—”
Ray cut me off without a word. His hands framed my face before claiming me on the sidewalk. My lips parted, and his tongue slid against mine, his fingers tangled in my hair, holding me captive.
I explored Ray. The shape and feel of his mouth – firm but gentle, teasing but confident. He tasted of the chocolate mousse we’d shared, with a hint of the coffee he’d sipped. His cologne, sharp and musky, was intoxicating, drawing me in deeper without a word.
He pulled me closer, one hand splayed across my back. My breasts pressed against his chest, my nipples tingling—aching—for his touch. Angling his head, he deepened the kiss. Our tongues clashed, writhed, danced. A hand slid down to my butt and squeezed, drawing a low moan.
A horn honked and someone whistled from a passing car.
“It would appear we have an audience,” Ray commented, his breath hot against my neck.
I pressed my lips to his ear. “Let ‘em watch.”
Ray pulled back to look at me. “Come home with me.”
I pressed myself against him again, and kissed him hard before breaking it off and tracing a finger over his lips. “I’ll be right behind you.”


Sammie Maxwell writes erotic short stories and steamy flash fiction while the rest of the house sleeps. She survives on coffee and wet dreams somewhere in the US.





Tuesday Tease: Forbidden Kisses

Being that it’s the Fourth of July here in the U.S., I thought I’d go with something patriotic. So this week’s featured excerpt is from Sha Renée. The Navy veteran weaves us through the courtship of Ethan and Layla, and steams up the room with their Forbidden Kisses.

51dPXlGA7WLWhen Navy pilot, Ethan Parker falls for the woman he met at a coffee shop, he knows she’s the one he’s waited his entire life for. She’s sensual, sassy and smart. What he doesn’t know is she’s also in the Navy, and her enlisted rank means a relationship with her could potentially get him discharged from military service.
While on leave from teaching at a top Naval facility, Layla Matthews tumbles head-over-heels for the sexiest man she’s encountered in a long time. The fact that he can hold an intelligent conversation is an added bonus. Her world is turned upside down when she later discovers he’s a Navy lieutenant. A senior officer. Her new bossDefinitely off-limits.
Continuing their relationship could ruin their military careers. Ending it would break both their hearts. Do they end their sizzling romance or keep it a secret… and pray no one finds out?

For the next forty-five minutes, my coworkers spoke, but I hadn’t a clue what any of them said. My mind was busy replaying the events of the day I first met Ethan. Piercing blue eyes. Beautiful dimples. Coffee. Bathroom. Flirting. Not once had he said anything about the Navy. He had mentioned his new position, but never revealed that he was third in command at an aviation training facility… Had he?

At the conclusion of the staff meeting, everyone emptied the room, but I remained seated, waiting for a chance to confront Lieutenant Parker. I pulled my cell from my pocket and studied the screen, pretending I had a reason to linger. The message notification on my phone startled me.

Ethan: My office. Now.

Me: Are you kidding? I can’t just walk into your office.

Ethan: We need to talk. Wait a few minutes, and then knock on my door.

He stood and left the room without a glance in my direction. My heart beat faster at the sight of him in uniform. Images of the days and nights I’d spent in Ethan’s arms flooded my consciousness. How could neither of us know the other’s military status? How could neither of us think to ask? DAMN.

I walked nervously to the other side of the building where the officers’ offices were. But not before stopping in the head to smooth my hair and blot the oil from my face.

The door to his office was ajar. Should I just go in? Should I knock? I figured I’d better follow standard procedure just in case anyone saw me. I knocked on the door and spoke immediately after. “Request permission to enter, Sir.”

“Granted.” He rose from his desk, walked past me, and shut the door.

Tension radiated through every muscle in my body. We stood for a beat, staring at each other. He had to be thinking the same thing I was: What the f-?

“Layla, what the hell is going on?”

Was he accusing me? Did he think I somehow planned this shit? “You tell me. You never said you were in the Navy. That you were an officer! That you work here. Do you know what this means?”

“Of course, I know what this means. I thought you were a student.”

“I am. I was.”

“You didn’t say you’re also an instructor.” He started to pace. “Here.”

“It didn’t come up. I had other things on my mind.”

“Like what?” Those vivid blue eyes held my gaze.

He was too smart to be that clueless. “Like you.”

His expression softened.

“You didn’t tell me you were the new Director of Training at one of the Navy’s best training facilities.”

“We’ll talk about this later at the hotel.”

“What are you? Crazy? We can’t meet at the hotel. We can’t talk. We can’t text. We can’t anything.”

“We need to figure out what we’re going to do.”

“What we’re going to do? There’s nothing we can do. This is it for us. I finally meet the perfect guy… and I can’t have him.”

A knock at the door startled us and we quickly backed away from each other. My heart beat wildly as the Commanding Officer swung the door open and came right toward us.



Sha Renée is a native New Yorker who joined the US Navy right after high school. She now lives in New Jersey where she creates stories on the pages where duty, honor and passion unite.
A true nature lover, Sha enjoys spending time outdoors, usually with a camera in her hands. She’s has a passion for motorcycles and sports cars and is a fan of auto racing, military air shows and The X Games – pretty much any activity with fast wings or wheels.
She hates cooking, loves music and believes every day should include a cup of hot coffee and a glass of chilled wine.





Tuesday Tease: Londemonium

9i9rquptxsg-lionello-delpiccolo.jpgThis week, I’m featuring an excerpt from Londemonium, an urban fantasy work in progress by Fanni Sütő.

Hell is a multicultural, global enterprise, sprawling in its own dimension like an infernal version of London. Gregor and Molly end up in a flat share with Demi, the demon who abducted their friends. Aiko meets a majestic fox demon who helps her deal with her rage. The same Rei is Raphael’s superior who tries to help him get his naturalisation. Continue reading “Tuesday Tease: Londemonium”

Sunday Sit-Down: Renee Grace Thompson

Author of all things romance, Renee Grace Thompson, um… graced me with her presence!

MG: Let’s start with an easy one! How do you relax?
RGT: Haha! Well, I suppose it’s obvious that I would read a book. That’s probably true for any writer. And I like to soak in a bubble bath in the dark with nothing but candle light. Other than that, I love hanging out and goofing off with my kids. They always make me happy.

MG: Where is your favorite place to write?
RGT: It probably sounds silly, but I like to sit on my bed and write. It’s the only place I can shut myself off from the rest of the world, and my family. I can close the door and feel comfy and cozy in my room. I have two big windows on adjoining walls that I can stare out into the woods when I’m struggling to find just the right word. I can’t really explain it, but my bedroom is my haven. It’s where I’m the most comfortable and the most creative.

MG: Have you ever written works in collaboration with other writers, and if so, why did you decide to collaborate and did it affect your sales?

MG: Do you think that giving books away free works and why?
Sure. The reader would have nothing to lose, so they’d be more enticed to try it. If they don’t like it, they can always toss it aside. At least that’s how I feel about it. And then the reader who likes that writer’s style will be apt to seek out more work from that writer. To me, it’s a great tactic.

MG: What do your fans mean to you?
Having readers follow you because they enjoy your work is an incredible feeling. To me, that’s more exciting than any paycheck from the work. It means you’ve touched someone and made them laugh or cry, or maybe both. You’ve made a connection with them. And that’s pretty awesome.


Renee lives in the Midwest with her husband and four kids. She worked as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist for many years, but now manages her family-owned business. Her spare time is spent hovering over her laptop, trying to transcribe the romance novels playing out in her head. There are several going on at once though, so keeping up with them is hard. She hopes to have her first novel published sometime this winter.


Renee can be found:

On her Website
And Facebook!

Tuesday Tease: Shear Luck

Shear LuckToday, I bring a tease from the entertainingly witty Sue Seabury’s newest book, Shear Luckwhich promises to be a fun read.

It’s sheer luck when the Queen of Coiffure books the wrong flight and meets Mr. Mane Attraction.


The mussed section of the gentleman’s careful comb-over is positively heartbreaking. Only a churl could refuse assistance. I use a subtle hand signal to indicate the problem. He gets it. Hair is smoothed; crisis averted. His cane is jutting out in the aisle and hits my sandal. The cane slides to the floor.  “Allow me.” I retrieve it, then place his rolling suitcase in the overhead bin for good measure.    “Thank you, erm, miss.” His squint seems mistrustful, although I use the utmost care. I hope I didn’t insult his manhood. He must be as old as my Grandpa Kimball. It’s only right for the able-bodied to lend a hand. “You’re welcome.”  On the way to my seat, I stow luggage for an over-processed permanent wave, a shaggy mullet, and a bowl cut. Is this flight going to Florida or 1982?   The thanks I receive may be lukewarm, but the universe repays me by placing the most gorgeous hair I have ever seen outside Fresno’s Sixth Annual Wig Convention in my row. A luscious black curtain that falls to his waist. Now that’s what I call serendipity.


Sue invented the internet, the selfie stick and sliced bread. When she’s not working on the solution for cold fusion and wireless power transfer, she makes up stories.


Blog: https://thetechnopeasant.wordpress.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SueSeaburyAuthor/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SueSeabury