Blue Clear Sky

Jeri Lee is a high school science teacher with a passion for second chances – or rather first chances. William – or Billy, as he comes to be known – has lived his life deep in the frame-work of construction, and is looking to expand the family business.

When Billy decides to take a working vacation and stays at the High Water Bed and Breakfast, he isn’t expecting to find someone to spend the rest of his life with. Jeri only expected a little fun and flirtation with the sexy construction worker. She didn’t figure on him seeing her softer side with the juveniles she’s teaching summer school to – or that he would have a soft spot of his own.

But his generosity with his time and skills for her summer school students has her wishing Billy wasn’t leaving so soon. Billy has never met anyone with such strong convictions, or anyone so well spoken about them. He’s also never met anyone so willing and able to stand up to his ultra-conservative senator father.

Current Word Count: 31,724

And I just realized… I think I have more written than just those 31k words. I have a couple scenes that aren’t in the main file. Anyway, this is the first in this series, and we follow Jeraldine Leona Barnes and William Jonathan Gambucci on their journey to happily ever after.



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