Balancing Act

Some people enjoy balance in life — between fun and responsibility, love and friendship, light and dark.  Those people are not Loki. The god of mischief is back. He’d thought it was that gathering of fellow tricksters that had appeared at Ashville’s quaint Viking-themed restaurant, the Hearth and Forge. And then she slid up to the bar next to him. Shaylie might just be a waitress at the restaurant run by Brigid and Bress — the gods of harvest and forge, but there’s something about her charming personality and quirky nature that ignites a spark bigger than the flames raging in hell.

But he’s got his work cut out for him; as giving of herself as she is, Shaylie is no pushover.

Tired of the usual jerks she ends up with, Shaylie is turned off by the new guy in town. He doesn’t seem to care if what he says or does hurts someone else, so long as he benefits. And that’s got to change. Hot guys are a dime a dozen, but there’s never been anything beyond their pretty faces. And it’s never taken her more than a few dates to learn that sad truth.

Normally, Shaylie finds it easy to get rid of the jerks she ends up dating. So why can’t she walk away from this jerk?

Current Word Count: 1621

That’s right. I brought Loki into the Hearth and Forge. I’d thought about writing him as played by Tom Hiddleston, because why the hell not, right? But then I decided nah — it’ll be more fun to play with the idea that he knows who Tom is and likes the way he’s portrayed in the Marvel movies. And I’m pairing him up with Shaylie because why not?

A bit of fun facts that I dug up about Loki:

  • He was a shape-shifter
  • He married a human woman named Sigyn
  • He was disguised as another man at the wedding
  • The wedding was presided over by Odin himself
  • Odin got pissed when Loki revealed himself
  • And turned Sigyn into the goddess of fidelity
  • Odin then bound Sigyn to Loki for the rest of her life