a Long Shot

Melissa Hawthorne has spent so much time hiding behind her camera, focusing on everyone else’s beauty, she’s forgotten all about her own. Instead, she hides the scars from a car accident that killed her fiancee. She’s tried dating since the accident, but no-one has held her interest for longer than a few dates. Until Matt.
Matthew Aaron Long – Matty to his four siblings and a couple of childhood friends – isn’t looking for anything or anyone after his return to the States and an honorable discharge. Going through physical therapy and dealing with PTSD, he just wants a little peace and quiet, and to get back behind his own camera. He was just fine ambling through life at his pace for a change.
Until their worlds collide one morning on their daily runs. In her emerald green eyes, he sees quiet beauty and tranquility. When she’s with him, she feels like a person instead of an object of pity.
Can the couple bond in their own silence, or will these two open up to someone when love was the last thing either expected?

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Current Word Count: 46,097
I’ve made it through the first draft, and I’ve also gotten part way through a complete re-write. I’m still not sure which I like better, but chances are, there will be plot-points and scenes I’ll steal from each, but I need to make it through both drafts, then do some major editing to blend them together.



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