Sunday Sitdown: Francisco Cordoba


FC 01This week, I had the opportunity to sit down with the very private (I think there’s a word for that?) Francisco Cordoba, who writes paranormal romance. Reclusive, he may be, but don’t let that fool you — he’s got a wicked quick sense of humor guaranteed to have you rolling on the floor, laughing.

MG: Let’s hop right to it, shall we? Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?

FC: Stories and books were so much a part of life when I was a child that I don’t remember the first one I read, or even learning to read. But two early books that stand out for me are Are You My Mother by PD Eastman, which I think had an influence on my preoccupation with the idea of searching for home and security; and Fox in Sox by Seuss, which I’m pretty sure cemented my need for rhythm in language.

I love Fox in Sox. I have it memorized. I read it to my son when he was little. I use it in my ESL teaching. I quote it around the house when I want to piss people off. Tweetle Beetles are my friends.

MG: I both loathe and adore that book! Dr. Seuss saw the need for books children would enjoy, and I’m so glad for that. What are your ambitions for your writing career?

FC: To be the best writer I can be and to die with a body of work behind me. To write stories that make people love, hate, laugh, cry, and think. I really want to make some money, too.

MG: Gee, that sounds like familiar motivation. What motivated you to become an Indie author?

FC: Money and power. It was either become an Indie author or take over a small country. I don’t expect to get rich as an Indie author (although I won’t turn it down if it happens), but I do want to get the lion’s share of any money my books generate. Traditional publishing takes more than it gives.

I also have no plans to hand over the rights of my work to anyone else. It’s MINE. I’M the one who did it. So hands off!

Oh yeah, and time. I don’t want to wait around on tenterhooks nibbling my nails while some dude somewhere holds the fate of my novel in his hands. I have better things to do. As an Indie author, I can get my books out to the world, and the fans can tell me if they like it or not.

MG: Are we the same person? Some day, we’ll both be famous, and we can say, I knew them when…!” Which famous person, living or dead would you like to meet and why?

FC: I truly hate this type of question. Hmm, when I was at university, I was in love with Mary Shelley. Any nineteen year old who could write Frankenstein deserves respect, and the life she led on the continent with Percy and his cronies would have been interesting to hear about first hand.

Nuno Oliveira. You’ve probably never heard of him. But he was and still is revered in the realm of classical horsemanship. The man was a genius on horseback and while I’ve had the privilege of learning from those who studied with him, he died before I was able to study with him myself. I did attend one clinic he gave in England and was blown away. His books are bibles for those who can interpret them.

MG: I didn’t know Mary Shelley was only nineteen when she wrote Frankenstein! Okay, we have time for one more question. What are your thoughts on good/bad reviews?

FC: I’ll let you know when I’ve had any of either.

MG: Lol. Now you sound like me when I’m talking about marketing tricks. It’s been a great chat, Francisco! Thanks so much for sitting down with me!

FC: You’re welcome!


A passionate romantic and obsessiveFC 02 equestrian, Francisco Cordoba has been writing for as long as he can remember. However, it’s only in the last few years, since completing his Master’s Degree in Linguistics, and suffering regular chastisement from his wife, that he has dared to fully unleash his muse. He loves writing about romance, relationships, adventures and sex.

Francisco lives a largely reclusive life tucked away in an old farmhouse, somewhere, with his wife, teenage son, four cats, two dogs, horse, ducks and chickens. He freely admits to loving them all, although he refuses to allow more than three bodies to occupy his bed at any one time. His six-book slightly erotic, paranormally romantic, mysteriously suspenseful, thrillingly adventurous, and possibly fictional debut series, The Horsemen of Golegã, will be self-published soon.


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2 thoughts on “Sunday Sitdown: Francisco Cordoba”

  1. Love this comment from Francisco on why he became an indie author “Money and power. It was either become an Indie author or take over a small country.” -Isn’t this the story of every indie author out there, but you got to humor him. Fox and sox, haven’t read it but will probably come across it any day now. My son and I are on a sing along phase on youtube.

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