Nerdgasm News: 4/13/2017

After a few frustrating laptop restarts (one because I forgot to plug it in when I got back from Write-in on Tuesday night and it ran out of batter and one because stupid Windows update that I told to wait until non-use hours, but restarted when I was in the middle of working on planning my garden?) and months (14, to be specific) of writing and procrastinating and hair-pulling and crying and general temper-tantrums and writers’ block…

I have officially completed the first draft of Nerdgasm!

It’s time to PARTY!
(And by ‘party’, I mean…)

Nap 005.gif

And get back to all the other projects I’ve been neglecting lately for this beast that I love so very much. I’m still on schedule (allbeit a tighter one than planned) for publication on Black Friday. This is very exciting news for me. Also exciting? I’m still excited about this book! It’s currently as good as I can make it without input from my peers, so I’ve got to share this thing with a couple of my beta readers. Which means that for a few weeks, this thing is out of my hands.

Which is a bit terrifying when I consider that I’m counting down to 7 months to publication date. BUT I’M NOT LOOKING AT THAT DATE. Instead, I’m looking at being able to start revisions in mid-May, send it back, get some final edits in, then start the agonizing process of formatting for ebook and print. And also finalizing cover design.

So that’s my news for the week on Nerdgasm! See y’all around later, hopefully soon, with more awesome updates!



2 thoughts on “Nerdgasm News: 4/13/2017”

  1. I’m so excited for you. It’s a great feeling to get it done. Then the nail biting while the beta readers have it. Then frustration when you realize that they are telling you the polar opposite of each other. Then, at long last, the moment of truth – Publication. You’ll get there.

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    1. I know I’ll get there — but I can’t say, ‘some day’, because I know the publication date. Right? Yeah. *sigh* Here comes the stress-inducing crunch time. But for a few blissful days… I get to slack off and play with my legos and watch movies with the hubby/kids. ‘Sing’ was super cute!

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