Sunday Sit-down: Devin Harnois

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with author Devin Harnois, who’s snarky characters and relevant (and often humorous) plots are something I can only hope to achieve some day.

MG: Thanks for sitting down with me today, Devin! We’ll start with a fun one, how does that sound?

DH: Yay!

MG: Where is your favorite place to write?

devin-harnoisDH: My office… which is also my bedroom. I have it set up to be comfortable and functional, plus, I have fun things to look at.

MG: Cool! I do like to ask this one, too. Is being a writer a gift or a curse?

DH: Gift, definitely. I mean, it can be hard sometimes, but why would you view something so wonderful as a curse?

MG: So very true. Speaking of gifts and curses, what do you think about social media for marketing? What works best for you?

DH: Umm, I’m really terrible about marketing. I have no idea how to do it. I’m on Twitter all the time becaise I like it. It’s a place to hang out and hear about things from all over the world. I’m not there to be a sell bot.

MG: I love Twitter, too. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

DH: Discipline. LOL. If I sit and make myself focus, it’s usually not too hard.

MG: Oh, discipline is definitely a hard one for me, too! So one last question. What are you currently working on, and what is it about?

DH: It’s a romance called Shadowmancer, about Marius, a man cursed with dark magic who is actually a precious cinnamon roll. He meets a guy who… well, I like to describe Ayodele as a Griffindor who was raised by a Slythering and left to create Hufflepuff.

MG: Oh, my! That sounds interesting!

DH: Thanks! It’s got themes of “weak” people finding strength together, and belonging, and fighting for each other.

MG: Fun! We need more “team” books; it seems like it’s always about that one person saving the world (or whatever it is they’re trying to save.) Well, I think that was everything. Thanks again for sitting down with me tonight!

DH: No problem! Thanks for having me!

MG: You’re welcome!


Devin Harnois has several published novels and he’d have more if he spent less time on Twitter and playing Dragon Age Most of his books involve magic, monsters, and hope. They’re also getting progressively more queer. He collects skull items and only a strong will prevents his apartment from being overrun by them.

In second grade, he wrote his first story, a romance about two mice falling in love. He still has the original draft.

Devin lives in Minneapolis

Find Devin on Twitter

And on his website,


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