I Can’t Even Anymore… *Thursday Thoughts*

I’m just ridiculously stressed out. Too much happening that hits too close to home (or quite literally in my home and driveway, in 2 cases).

I’ve been pouring myself into my writing lately, which is fine, and trying to stay off social media (not cool! It’s how I connect with you, my followers!). The thing is, there’s been SO MUCH negativity lately, that it’s beginning to eat at me. I’ve been trying to shut it down as much as I can, while still being active on Twitter and Facebook. I have to admit, the best parts of my time on Twitter lately, has been bantering with @authormisty, @mreauow, @authorbkyveli, and @devinharnois. We’ve had gif wars and silly conversations and an occasional rant. Also talk about Yuri on Ice.*

I’ve been much quieter on Facebook, only checking once every few days. I get dragged into the cess-pool of Trump’s idiot self, and I just get angry. And while it’s good to get angry, and step up and do something about it, it’s equally (or possibly even more so) harmful to stay angry. I like being happy. I like laughing. I like having something positive to say.

And I have seen plenty of positive. While I’m seeing protests and people fighting back, I see them standing up and showing the world who we really are.

Anyway, I know I rambled a lot on here, and I’m tired of all the negativity, so let’s do something together, and let’s all say something positive. Let’s all be a little light, shining like a beacon in a stormy night to guide a lost ship home. Let’s all be the harbor — be that place of safety that welcomes the lost and wounded and scared with open arms and warm blankets and hot cocoa. Be the smile, the hug, the compliment, that makes someone’s day.

So… my positive thing: My house is a mess and I don’t care (though a bit less messy would be nice). Because it means we have a roof over our heads, and a place we call home.

*Back to that Yuri on Ice thing. Seriously, it’s my feel-good piece right now. I love Yuri and Viktor, and I just want to squishy cuddle them both. And it’s anime. It’s in Japanese. It’s subtitled. And I don’t care. THEY MAKE ME SMILE. It’s that simple. Which reminds me… I need to go watch an episode. Curious? Here’s the link! (There are 12 episodes.)

And because I’ve needed them a lot lately…

Yuri Hug.gif


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