Sunday Sitdown: Nora Tardiff

This week, I’ve interviewed the multi-talented Nora Tardiff.

We’ll start with an easy one! Do you read outside your genre?
I try to read a lot of different kinds of stories, but I usually find that I gravitate towards certain genres more than others. Specifically horror and thrillers. I hardly ever say no to a good murder mystery, unless it’s written by Dean Koontz.
It’s a shame. He has a pretty solid and easy to read writing style. I just can’t stand the stories themselves. He has a tendency to overdo things, when they could stand to be a little more understated. But that’s fine. I’m just not his audience, and that’s okay.

Because you draw your own comics, would you ever consider hiring an illustrator?
That might make the whole process go faster, but I cannot afford to hire someone else to do the art for me. So, I guess it’s just me. If I could hire someone who isn’t me to do it though? It’s a little hard to say.

Traditionally speaking, storytelling was a way of passing our history on. What cultural value do you place on storytelling?
Stories are a cultural cornerstone. They’re how we pass down our thoughts and values to the next generation.

What do you think makes a good story?
A good story is entertaining. It engages with its audience and makes people discuss what you wrote and the themes or meanings behind it. It gives the audience room to dream and have their own interpretations of what you wrote. Stories that fans feel they have to ‘fix’ are disappointing, but I think those kinds of stories are important too.

What advice would you give young readers who want to become authors?
First of all, your first draft is never going to be a masterpiece. Don’t worry about getting it perfect and just get it onto the page. Once it’s written you can worry about making it perfect.
Second of all, the scariest thing in the world is putting yourself out there. I have no real advice for how to get over this fear, because I’m still afraid of it too. You just have to close your eyes and make the plunge sometimes.


Nora Tardiff is an independent comic artist and game developer. She also enjoys discussing story conventions found in media. You can find her on Tumblr and Twitter, or over on her blog. Or go read her webnovel here.


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