Sunday Sit-down: R-R Varg

It’s that time again! This week, I’ve interviewed up-and-coming romance author, R-R Varg, who likes to experiment with the psychology of relationships and how they work in her writing.

MG: I’m so glad you had the time for a quick sit-down. Let’s get right to it! We’ve all got our characters, and we know them inside out, upside down, and backwards. Give us an insight into your current main character. What does he do that is so special?
RR: The main character in my current WIP novella is named Melker Frost. He’s a pure elf which is not so good to be in today’s industrialized society. Pure elves don’t live long lives. Melker tries to ignore his mortality and while trying to make friends with the people in the mansion he has just moved into, he meets some resistance from a mysterious dude named Kiriya.

MG: That sounds like an interesting take on elves. I’m curious to see how he navigates our society! What drew you to write in the romance genre?
RR: Psychology has always interested me and so also the interaction between people. Love and hate and other strong emotions and what people do with them is therefore also captivating to me. Thus this is what I write about.

MG: There’s so much involved in writing and editing and revising. Even marketing, which is probably the hardest part. Do you have any advice for other authors on how to market their books?
RR: Start promoting your book even before you have it finished. It’s easier now than it has ever been because of the introduction of social media.

  • Get a website or a blog site, twitter, facebook and/or a tumblr for your book or your author alias.
  • Add short samples on your blog.
  • Find forums and communities where people that might be interested in your genres hangout. And add links to your accounts in your signature.
  • Wave your books flag high, be excited over your book, because if you don’t like your book. If you give off any inclination of “Well, I did my best.” Then why should anybody else like it if you as the author don’t?
  • And most importantly, try to adopt a positive outlook on marketing. If you detest marketing your potential readers will pick up on it and might be turned off…

MG: Those are some fantastic tips! I know plenty of authors who have told their friends and family they write romance, and plenty who haven’t and won’t. Do your friends and family know that you write?
RR: Yes they do. I can’t stop talking about it. Even my co-workers know that I write, however only one of my sisters have actually read anything that I have written.

MG: Yeah, everyone in my family and friends list knows I write, though I don’t know they realize I write just about everything. Speaking of ‘everythin’… Do you prefer to write series or stand-alone novels?
Oddly enough I prefer to read stand-alone stories, but the stories I start writing always turns out to be series. Long series that does not want to end and I haven’t even finished with any of the first books yet.

MG: Ooh. I’m a sucker for series! I always want to know, “But what about this character?!” That wraps up this week’s interview! Thanks for stopping in, R-R!


R-R. Varg is a 35-year-old shounen ai writer living in a small apartment in northern Sweden together with 4 cats and a dragon.

Storytelling has always been R-R’s major hobby, but it was not until recently that a sudden realization hit R-R. Getting published turned into more than just a childhood dream, it’s about to become a reality.

Look forward R-R’s debut novella from the Scrambled collection series, it will be self-published in 2018.

Visit R-R’s information hub at:


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