Why I Voted for Hillary

I don’t normally get political on social media because I just don’t. But today, I’m making exception.

I voted Hillary. I voted to keep Trump out of office. I didn’t particularly like that choice, but the fact of the matter is, the orange man terrifies me. I’m afraid of the culture this hateful, bigoted, sexist, racist, and every other “ist” person will create.

Honestly, I haven’t cried. I think I’m still in shock that, a man who spews lies and hate with every word he says and then denies he said it five minutes later, a man who degraded, belittled, and generally antagonized every demographic in the world, made it into the Oval Office. The man can’t handle his own Twitter account, but we’re going to entrust him with the nuclear codes?

I hope he’s able to “Make America Great Again” – just not to what, coming from his mouth, looks more like Hitler’s Germany than the intended melting pot of America where tolerance and acceptance are the norm when it comes to race, religion, and gender.

His belittling, degrading, toxic, negative comments have no place in the highest office in the country. And it terrifies me that WWIII will break out during his presidency — and this time, it will be OUR fault.

His sexually explicit comments and sexual predator ways have no place in my home or my community, and even though people say that “it’s not going to change a thing”, I beg to differ.

Because it already has. Just yesterday, my cousin posted this:


Please tell me why 6-8 year old boys are talking about grabbing girls’ by their genitals and thinking that behavior like that is okay?

I’ll tell you exactly why: our President Elect does exactly that and gets away with it. He makes it okay to do and say things like that.

Please tell me this isn’t the society you want your daughters and nieces and wife and sisters and aunts and mothers and female friends, coworkers, and neighbors living in!

It’s not okay.

  1. IS. NOT. OKAY.

I stand for equality. I stand for tolerance. I stand for acceptance. I stand for kindness. I stand for compassion. I stand for integrity. I stand for trust.

  • Donald Trump does not stand for equality — he treats women like things to be had on a whim.
  • He doesn’t stand for tolerance — he is afraid of anyone that isn’t him and lashes out at them.
  • He doesn’t stand for acceptance — he thinks all Muslims are terrorists and horrible people and wants to kick every last one of them out of the country.
  • He doesn’t stand for kindness, he mocks, belittles, and antagonizes everyone — every minority, every woman, every disability, every religion, every sexual orientation and identity, even the very military he’s about to command.
  • He doesn’t stand for compassion, he openly mocked a disabled journalist.
  • He doesn’t stand for trust — more than half the words that came out of his mouth were lies.
  • Donald Trump doesn’t stand for integrity or trust — he lies and can’t even admit that he said it five minutes later when he’s asked about why he said it. He refuses to accept responsibility for things he’s done and said, and there are no consequences for him because “I’m famous”.

I belong to more than one of the groups he insulted — as do more than just a few of my friends. Female. Mexican. Puerto Rican. Guatemalan. Disabled (mentally and physically). Black. Gay, bi, trans, somewhere else on the spectrum, military…

I was never proud of my German heritage because of Hitler. But now I can’t even be proud of being an American. GIVE ME AN AMERICA WHERE PEOPLE ARE TREATED EQUALLY AND GIVEN AN EQUAL CHANCE AT BEING GREAT, and you’ll have kept your promise of making America great again.


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