I think this speaks for itself.

Sammie Maxwell

Today, I take a break from my usual smutty rhyming, and give a moment of my time, which is far less than deserved, to remember those we’ve lost. Fifteen years ago, today, the Twin Towers collapsed before the world’s eyes. Time stopped, and the only thing that continued was the deafening silence of the tears of a nation.

I still have no words for what I felt that day, and I’m not sure I ever will. About all I can do, is dig down to the bottom depths of my heart and thank the men and women who responded. In the seconds, the minutes, the days, weeks, even months and years after, and still, always, forever, the men and women who spend their days being the superheroes they claim not to be. Paramedics, police, fire and rescue. Every branch of the military. You all deserve so much more than I…

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Author: authormilligib

Stay-at-home Mom (The most important job I'll ever have) and author, occasional photographer.

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