Sunday Sit-Down: Sherry Terry

Another sit-down, and another fantastic author, this month’s guest is Sherry Terry! We discussed publishing, the ups and downs of writing, and everything in between. Here is some of what she had to say!

MG: I know I like to read the steamy bits, but I also enjoy fade-to-black. Where do you fall on that spectrum in your writing?

ST: I like to read the steamy bits and the fade-to-black as well. But in my writing, I seem to always take it to the steamy side. Steamy can be hard to write. First, I get all the parts going in the right direction then I go back and add emotion.

MG: If you’re anything like me, you brain must be exploding with ideas. What ideas have you put to paper?

ST: I have a contemporary novelette that I’m shopping around to publishers. Sophie rents a cabin in Wyoming to take a break from life and spend some time alone. She ends up rescuing the town Sheriff, Clint and is stuck with him during a blizzard.

I am doing revisions on an epic historical romantica set in 1147. Lady Bren’s brutal husband is killed, but her relief is short-lived when Baron Davyn Rhuddllan shows up claiming ownership of her castle, her land, and her hand in marriage.

I have a first draft for a historical romanctica novel, Inside Straight. Fifteen-year-old Becky loses everyone she loves in an epidemic, and when the town lowlife shows up demanding her hand in marriage, she runs. The only job she can find to support herself is as a prostitute, but she cannot go through with it and knocks her first client unconscious. Wanted by the law, hungry, lost, with nowhere to turn, Cole might be the only one who can rescue her from herself.

I also have a first draft of an historical romanctica, The Revenge. Captain Blankenship kidnaps a duke’s fiancee, but when the man refuses to pay the ransom, Robert is stuck with Lady Bethany on a ship full of pirates.

Q: Hopefully, we’ll all get reviews on our books. What is your take on the good vs. the bad?

A: I don’t read reviews. If I like the cover, I open the first page. I know within the first few paragraphs if I’m going to enjoy the story or be bored to death with bad writing.

Q: Fans. We all have them, or at least hope we do. What do your fans mean to you?

A: My fans are my inspiration to always write the best story I can. Without them, I wouldn’t be a writer at all. I wouldn’t have a blog that I love, I wouldn’t have fun on Twitter, and I wouldn’t be interacting with people from all over the world on Facebook. Basically, if it wasn’t for my fans, I wouldn’t feel that tickle when a new character with a story to tell steps inside my brain.

Q: Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?

A: The first story I remember reading as a child was Ribsy. I loved it. I loved it so much, I made my mom get me a library card. When I was a teenager, I read Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss. Had to have a book every night after that, or I couldn’t fall asleep.

Sherry Terry

Sherry Terry lives on Red Bull and sarcasm in a small town in Texas with her hermaphroditic cat, Hermy. As a single mother, she put herself through college and worked as a Radiology Technologist for almost twenty years before she gave it all up to be a bum. In her champagne wishes and caviar dreams, she spends all of her time writing the next greatest romance novel to hit the market. Her blog is dedicated to helping aspiring writers with how-to articles and awesome research links.

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