Procrastinations in Formatting

I haven’t talked much of this one, for some reason, probably because I’ve been a little brain-fried lately, plus there was the loss of dear, sweet, Lappytop, and subsequently the addition of Sunshine (the new lappytop, in case y’all missed that story) and also the loss of Word. (Which my FIL supplies me because corporate product key, except he can’t find it right now ’cause it’s at one house and he’s at the other working on the land.) Anyway, I finally got around to formatting one of my shorts, Shift, on Friday.

I started by downloading OpenOffice, but I just wasn’t liking the user interface, and I couldn’t figure out how to do a table of contents (admittedly, I didn’t try hard at all – I wanted Word back) so I broke and downloaded the trial version of MS Office 365, which was, in all reality, the last thing I wanted to do – I wanted 2010 back. But I did it, and I squeed with joy (in case you missed that tweet). And then I was ready to go.

After a major lack of concentration paired with a massive bout of procrastination, several restarts, I put the headphones on, poured instrumentals into my ears, and got down to it. The actual formatting of the document as a whole wasn’t too hard, thankfully. The part that took the longest was the read-through to get all the italics put back in because I went nuclear on it. It’s just how I operate, and how I catch mistakes/typos/extra quotes etc that were missed before.

Finally, I got everything formatted at like 2am on Saturday morning. I have my limits. But I thought I was done until I pulled the file up again on Saturday morning after getting up, only to realize I hadn’t linked anything in the table of contents. So, instead of helping to mow at my inlaw’s as planned, before ht heat and humidity hit, I did that, checked that it all worked, uploaded to Amazon, and hit “PUBLISH”.

Yes. I published a book yesterday morning. Shift. Give me a few more minutes, and I’ll tell you all about it in a separate post!


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