Book Release: Shift

A bit later than planned, but Shift is finally here, available on Amazon for $0.99.

Shift 007

Welcome back to Anteros, where Cupid is going by Val, serving drinks instead of shooting arrows at unsuspecting patrons at the bar he tends.

Felix Barteau is back in Anteros, running his grandfather’s restaurant, Le Sainte Trinite. He expected the crew he used to run with to cause him problems. But he didn’t expect a foxy little lady to catch his attention.

Nikki Mason has returned to the one place she’s ever felt she belonged. Anteros and Abel Barteau have always held a special section of her heart. She hadn’t planned on a relationship at all when she pulled into town.

But between a runaway, secrets neither wants to share, and a little nudge from Cupid himself, Nikki and Felix find themselves in the one place they never expected to be: each other’s arms.

Also available on Amazon: Perfect Ten, for $0.99.


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