I’m Not Slacking!

I promise! I’ve been a busy little bee, first and foremost, dealing with an under-the-weather little girl. BUT… I’ve also been deep in the revisions/editing process for my next Bowman’s Inn publication, Hopeless Romantic, which is now off to the publisher. (more on dates later)

On the same note, rights have officially reverted back to me on Perfect Ten, so I’ve been designing the cover and formatting for that to be released on it’s own. (It’s available for pre-order right now, on Amazon and Smashwords both, for $1.49, and will be released on February 15th, 2016)

I’ve also been working on revisions on another short story, Employee Benefits, which will kick off a series of shorts.

Then there’s finding the words for the story who’s blurb wrote itself (my Spring Bowman’s Inn story) and then I was also flooded with ideas for Summer (which will interweave tightly with Misty Carlisle’s Summer Bowman’s Inn – she’s new to the Bowman’s Inn with her Winter story, Hunting the Hunter) and Autumn. And Winter next year. Maybe if I can just crank all these out, I can get back to work on Dawngard and write all the scenes for that as well?

I am trying to set myself reminders to do my regular posts, however, it’s been rough going, and I forget to do things like that. Anyway – onward and upward!

PS: Pinterest hasn’t been helping, especially when I keep getting flooded with pins of the insanely hot Tom Hiddleston. Love that man. And yet I’ve never seen any of his movies. But he can read E.E. Cummings to me any day. All day. Every day. All the time. Whenever. Wherever. Just sayin’.


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