Sunday Snippets: Clowning Around

Back to my Sunday Snippets…

Here’s a small excerpt from my newest WIP, Clowning Around. But it’s for my Spring Bowman’s Inn contribution, and I’m bringing back Luke, the rodeo clown, from my Summer story. Tenley and Grey make an appearance (or two) as well, but this is Luke’s story.

“I guess my break-up was rather comical in comparison.”
“What happened?” Luke asked.
“A couple nights before the wedding, I caught him buried to his balls in his best friend’s ass.”
Luke cringed.
“Best male friend’s ass. It was one hell of a coming out party.”
“Good lord. What did everyone say?”
“Our parents were pissed. I mean, in all honesty, I should have seen it before, but I thought I was in love and completely missed it.”
“I can’t even imagine. What do you even say in a situation like that?”
“Something to the effect of, ‘let me guess. You tripped and fell dick-first into Jim’s ass?’ But my god, his excuses. Those were epic.”
“That bad, huh?”
“Oh, worse. Let’s see – there was, ‘But baby, I needed sex and you haven’t let me touch you all week.’ Or of course, ‘But baby, I’m just getting it all out of my system before we get married’.”
Luke groaned. “You gotta be kidding.”
“Pretty classic, huh? But those aren’t even the best excuses. My personal favorite is, ‘But baby, you don’t like anal, and he wanted a good pounding. Win-win, right?’”
“Well, I guess if shit is going to come from anywhere, it’s going to be an ass, right?”
Stevie couldn’t help herself. She laughed. And wished she’d been the one to come up with it.

Author: authormilligib

Stay-at-home Mom (The most important job I'll ever have) and author, occasional photographer.

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