Sunday Snippets: Hopeless Romantic

Last week, I posted a Snippet from Dawngard. This week, I shall regale you with a passage from ‘Hopeless Romantic’, an upcoming short story to be published in the Bowman’s Inn Winter volume.

The man from the other end of the bar joined her, leaning an elbow on the polished surface.

Oh, shit. He’s hotter than sin. Tattoos ran up his arms, disappeared beneath the sleeves of a black Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt, and crept up his neck. His dark blond hair had been trimmed short on the sides, the top kept a few inches long in a green Mohawk.

“Mighty big bar for us to both be sitting alone at. Mind if I join you?”

“It’s a free country. You can sit anywhere you like.”

“I’m Eddie.”

“Hope. But I think you already knew that.”

Eddie smiled. “I did. Would you like to dance?”

“Oh, I–I Mean–I don’t really–” Her heart raced. “Dance.”

His smile faded. “I know I’m not exactly the type you bring home to mama, but I just want to dance and have a little conversation. Cross my heart.” He went through the motions and criss-crossed his heart with his finger.

“Oh, no, it’s not that. You’re probably better than anyone she’s ever been with. I just really suck at…” Why can’t I seem to catch my breath right now? Ohhh, my goodness, those eyes. They look like chocolate fudge. Wait. What was I–? “dancing.”

Eddie grinned. “See, now I’m just going to feel like you’re dancing with me because you feel bad for me.”

Her eyes went wide. Don’t fuck it up, Hope! Come on! Turn it around before he turns around! “Not at all! I just–I’m…” She let out a little breath in panic. “Can we start over?” Oh, my god! What the hell is wrong with me?


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