Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!


I’m thankful for
This time I have
To hold my loved ones near,
to soldiers overseas,
Thank you for everything,
I hope this reaches your ears.

To veterans past and present,
To the wounded and the lost,
Know it wasn’t in vain.
I’m thankful for my own two arms,
To hug away
My children’s pain.

I’m thankful for
This house of mine,
This place that I call home,
For bees
And flowers
And honeycomb.

And so grateful for
Ear-piercing shrieks,
And sweet giggles.
For tears, and hugs,
Story time,
And little wiggles.

So very thankful
For my blue-eyed boys,
And girls, one of each,
All of them blond,
All of them mine,
As is Furry Beast.

I can’t forget
The wonderful people
Who sparkle and shine,
Who make me laugh,
Give me a hard time,
And make my life bright.

Without them,
None of the things
Would be worth my while,
The most important “things”
Are the wonderful people
With whom I share a smile.

So many things,
And so many people,
I can’t name them all,
Some of them big,
And some of them short,
But none of them small.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Enjoy your version of the holiday, however you celebrate!

Author: authormilligib

Stay-at-home Mom (The most important job I'll ever have) and author, occasional photographer.

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