Wordplay Wednesday #13: “Flawless” & a Bit of a Rant too

So… this happened. Some asshole said she was ugly and I was a horrible parent. This happened a week ago. What happened? I was shopping at Target with my three-year-old daughter.

To explain what the woman was talking about, back in June, my daughter, then only two, was twirling in the living room (while listening to Bon Jovi’s Have a Nice Day, of course – she is my daughter, after all.) while I was cooking dinner. She tripped on her own two feet and hit her lip on the floor. Little D split her lip open.

I was informed by a retired nurse (my mother-in-law) that they wouldn’t bother with stitches (it was gushing, she was screaming, and I can’t fault her for that) because of her age, and they wouldn’t be able to glue it because of the moisture in the mouth. The gash went from outside her lip all the way through. (I might have cried a little bit with her – “boo-boos” like that do not sit well in my stomach.)

Anyway – back to the other Target customer. I was goofing in the toy aisle with Little D when a woman approaches me. The conversation quite possibly was going to start out just fine – until she saw D’s lip.

“Oh my God, she’s so – ugly!”

“Excuse me?!”

“You’re a horrible parent to let something like that scar her face.”

“She did that—”

The woman turned away from me, muttering something about “parents like that shouldn’t” something. I don’t know what else this woman said.

Honestly, this is the first mention of it. To anyone. I haven’t even told my husband. It’s taken me this long to calm myself about it enough to not WRITE IN ALL CAPS AND YELL AT EVERYONE ABOUT IT. (Okay. Now that I’ve got that out of my system…)

Seriously. Who does that? There is absolutely nothing wrong with my daughter. Nothing at all. She is smart. She is funny. She is sweet. She is cute as a button. She’s a walking contradiction. She’s beautiful, scar and all. Her beauty shines from within. How did I get so lucky to have not one, but two amazing little kiddos? What did I do to deserve such sweet little people in my life?


You look at my daughter
And all that you see
Is an ugly scar,
Something less than perfect.
I look at my daughter
And all that I see
Is a little girl,
Someone I don’t deserve.
You see a spot
Of ugliness,
Where I see
Life and joy.
You see danger lurking
Around every corner.
I see only happiness,
And freedom of finding self.
You hover right beside them,
Don’t let them try anything.
But I get to see
The excitement of,
“I did it, Mama!
All by myself!”
You see wild and crazy,
A little, untamed beast.

But I see a little girl
Embracing life by living.
I see beauty in her joys,
I cry for all her pains,
And rejoice in all her triumphs,
Not a flawless face.


2 thoughts on “Wordplay Wednesday #13: “Flawless” & a Bit of a Rant too”

  1. Thank you! I still get fired up by that stupid woman. Seriously, who has the nerve to tell someone their three-year-old is ugly because of a scar on her lip? I feel sorry for that woman’s children – if she even has any. I can only imagine the stress they’ve been under their entire lives to be nothing less than perfect.


  2. Well, that woman is clearly an idiot. First to make such a judgement without knowing the circumstances and secondly for being so superficial. Fortunately there aren’t a lot of people like her. Go Mama! That was a beautiful poem.

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