Autumn (the Bowman’s Inn Book 3)

12038531_10206120581746803_2679099863388103252_nRecently, a few friends and I put together the Autumn volume in the Bowman’s Inn anthology, aptly titled Autumn (The Bowman’s Inn Book 3) created by D.L. Hungerford. We’re still really excited about it, and I just wanted to share a bit about each of the eight stories included in this volume.

Welcome back to Anteros, where Cupid is at it again. Cupid prefers to be called Val these days, and this time Mandy is getting in on the action, using the power of the tattoo Val gave her over the summer.

Tall, Fair, and Awkward by Kate Whitaker
Candace is a romance writer. And she’s never been in love before. Dan is socially awkward and doesn’t get out much. But thanks to his social butterfly sister, Chrissy, and a little nudge from Val, the two cross paths.

No Signal by Ash Litton
College pals, Diedre and Aidan, slept together once and thought they ruined it all. But it’s been six years – and what if they were wrong?

Shift by Milli Gilbert
Felix has a past. Nikki has a secret. When they collide, will they play nice together?

J’hari and the East Wind by Roxanna Haley
Swept away by the East Wind, J’hari must stave off his advances so she can return to Cole.

Map to You by E.M. Youman
Stranded in Anteros, Ari is taking Karis’s dream vacation alone. Until he meets a bewitching woman at the mayor’s Halloween masquerade.

The Nature of Love by D.L. Hungerford
Brought together by chance, Nate can’t quite seem to fin the right time to tell Charlene he’s a wolf-shifter.

Blink by E.D. Vaughn
Someone is watching Jade, and her ex-husband thought a third wheel would be fun. But detective Barrett Kellan has a better idea.

In the Cards by Harper Saxby
A ghost forces clairvoyant Remi St. Claire off the road and into the cab of skeptic Sheriff Jackson Aimes for an unbelievable ride.

That’s all for the Autumn volume, available now on Amazon for $3.99. Also available, is the Spring volume, on special for $1.99, and the Summer volume, for $2.99.


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