Sending out an S.O.S! I Need YOUR Help!

Alright, y’all. I need a little help from you! That’s right, you. Out “there!” My faithful followers. Now that “the button” will be pushed for the Autumn Bowman’s Inn story in a matter of days, it’s time to start prepping for the Winter story. I have a few names for my main male character (MMC) but I can’t quite decide what I want to name him. So… Will you help a girl out and vote on my four favorites? Pretty please?

A little bit about the guy, he’s a locally (to the story’s world) well known tattoo artist, and has coverage about like… Adam Levine, and he’s twenty-nine, compared to his leading lady’s thirty. (Don’t laugh. Both of my husband’s brothers married older-by-a-year women, and my cousin’s husband is two years younger than her. AND Grandpa was two years younger than Grandma.)

Thank you so much for your vote! Maybe later y’all can help me figure out what he looks like too!


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