In Case You Didn’t Catch it in the Wordplay Wednesday Post I Just Posted…

I had this line in there:

Thursday is
Friday is for
First Lines.

Oh yeah. I’ve come up with a new Weekly Post… First Lines Friday. That is to say, each week, I’ll post the first line I wrote each day of the week. I’ll make sure to always start with Friday last week, and end with Thursday the day I post. Why am I doing this? Partly for accountability on my own behalf, making sure I write something – even if it’s only that one line – each day, on one of my works. I don’t care if it’s in the middle of a scene, I don’t care if it’s dialogue, or if it’s just a random thought while I free-write, trying to clear the clutter from my head so I can get on with my writing. I actually had a couple of days this week that were nothing but free-write with a few scraps mixed in that I might be able to use somewhere (but probably not.)

PS: Sorry I was late on the poetry!


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