Unimpressed, Moving On…

Over the weekend, I found the K’Nex rocket rollercoaster (the big one, in case you’re wondering) at a garage sale for $10. So I bought it. Got a free purse and toy motorcycle out of the deal for my daughter while I was at it, since the rollercoaster was for my son. It took me about six hours to put the stupid thing together. Only to find out the motorized launcher doesn’t have the oomph to get the car up to the top. Plus, even when I get it up there manually, there are places where the wheels or roof hit, causing it to slow down, making it unable to make it through all the little ups. Plus there’s a few gaps in support, so it drooped too much and still wasn’t able to make it up some of the other ups. So I tore it apart yesterday afternoon and sorted out all the pieces so I could find them.

Before bed, I decided screw it. I’m designing my own rollercoaster. So I started putting one together last night. After I’d promised myself I’d actually go to bed before midnight for a change. Needless to say, the new rollercoaster isn’t done yet, and I was up until 2am this morning. Which is pretty typical for me. I’m still mentally planning out stage two though, so this could be interesting, however it turns out. For reference…

Stage One!
Stage One!

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