Perfect Ten: A Sneak Peak…. wait It’s Publication Day!

Available today, July 15th, 2015, the fantabulous Milli Gilbert … wait, that’s ME! … contributes her debut publication, ‘Perfect Ten’ to the Bowman’s Inn Book Two: Summer anthology, available for $3.99 here on Amazon.

Perfect Ten

Back on the rodeo circuit for reasons she doesn’t want to talk about, Tenley Kendall just needs to win. But when she gets to the first annual Rodeo Bonanza in Anteros, she’s confronted with the one man that brings every painful memory bubbling up to the surface.

Greyson Jones blames himself for her brother’s death, but he’s never not loved Tenley, for as long as he can remember. What he doesn’t understand is why she’s doing something she said she’d never do again.

Will they be able to confront the past together? Or will the painful loss of her brother, his best friend, be too much for them?


Milli Gilbert started writing in high school for clarity of thought and emotion. Now, she loves to write cowboys and real life, but also keeps a place in her heart for a special pair of dragons. And maybe a shape-shifter too. Romance appears in all of her prose, even a mystery series she’s planning.


Already released in this anthology is the Spring Volume, available for $2.99 on Amazon! You can also vote Spring up to number one on the GoodReads Best Romance Anthology/Collection list!

Author: authormilligib

Stay-at-home Mom (The most important job I'll ever have) and author, occasional photographer.

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