Another Fun Weekly Thing!

Starting today, Wednesday, because I don’t have enough posts up this week already, I’ve decided on another new weekly post. Always in good fun, I’ve decided that Wednesdays are for Waxing Poetic. SO… Naturally, here is my first installment. I’ve not titled it yet, but rest assured, when I do, I’ll update here. This one, incidentally, was inspired by the fact that I was told, upon leaving the hospital a few weeks ago, that I couldn’t take a bath (or go swimming) for six weeks. Oh my dear lord. As if being in that hospital for nine days wasn’t enough, now I can’t even submerge myself in a scalding hot tub to ease my stiff back and shoulder? That I can’t fill up the tub and crank up the tunes while I either crank out words or pretend to. Or at least plot. Or just soak there in silence while the husband deals with the kids for a while.

Counting down until the day
When I can take a bath again.tub
A joyous pleasure just for me,
Yet still I must refrain.
Into the tub I want to slide,
Lull me into relaxation,
Warm me deep into my core,
The best invention since creation.
Heaven on Earth, no better place,
All the world will slip away.
No worries here, no real life,
Just rambling thoughts to convey.
From the black abysmal
Depths of my mind,
I search for secrets
There to find.


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