Trouble Makers: A Sneak Peek at the Bowman’s Inn Book 2: Summer

As promised, more teasing! Up next, as you can see, is Trouble Makers by the talented E.D. Vaughn. Available in five days on Wednesday, July 15th!

While trying to get away from the ultimate date from hell, Camila trusted the gorgeous bartender to help. After working some magic, can one of the cowboy hats in the bar catch her attention or does the need to workout pull her away? And what is in that yummy drink?

Childhood friends reunited
Childhood friends reunited

Tegan’s colorful tattoos showcase the hard life and jail time he’s endured. Can the one piece that’s been missing in his life suddenly fall into his path after being ripped away so many years ago?

Twists of fate bring two best friends together after many years apart. Are they ready to embrace the secrets that have always held them back or will it be too much?


E.D. has been writing and talking to imaginary friends since infancy. Once she discovered pencils and paper, a whole new world opened up. Unfortunately the stick figures weren’t considered great artistic talent and she switched to writing. Now, if not on the computer turning her fingers to nubs typing a new story, she’s out hiking, jogging, taking photographs, or lazing around with her teenager watching movies. And she’s never without her faithful hobbit (a.k.a Humphrey the Corgi) who has followed her everywhere, even Alaska.


Already released in this anthology is the Spring Volume, available for $3.99 on Amazon! You can also vote it up to number one on the GoodReads Best Romance Anthology/Collection list!


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