Lawful Love

Thank you for these words, Sierra! Today is indeed a day to rejoice, and celebrate this new step toward equality. Such a long way we’ve still got to go, but this is a step in the right direction.

Sierra Kummings

Not long ago,

my marriage,

it never could be.

Just decades past,

not centuries,

in this land of the free.


though undeniable,

our shameful history.

Where skin color dictated

with whom one could be.

Just as then,

today celebrates

monumental liberties.

Battles hard fought

and won

for future progeny.

Discrimination eliminated?

Not even close,

Will it ever be?

Yet still, we must rejoice!

in this furthering

of marriage equality.

Sierra Kummings (c) 2015

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Author: authormilligib

Stay-at-home Mom (The most important job I'll ever have) and author, occasional photographer.

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