Absence Explained

In case anyone has been wondering, I have not abandoned you! I promise! I sent out my last Topless Tuesday post out shortly before midnight on the 9th. I had some things I’d wanted to comment on, but honestly, dealing with what I thought was the flu sort of took me out.

To the emergency room. Yep, that’s right. Two days after my most recent post, I ended up in the ER. And then transported to a sister hospital with specialists. Long story short, I had to have a hysterectomy. (Which I’m fine with. They asked me if I would be okay if they had to, and I said, “Take it anyway!”) I recently returned home, after this nearly-two-week-long adventure.

A few highlights:

I had that room with a view. A really great view, I might add. It over-looked the Mississippi River between St. Paul and Minneapolis on the U of MN campus. I was 7th floor, so I got to see yachts, barges, and the rowing teams go by. I also got to see a really spectacular cloud-to-ground lightening strike this Saturday morning while one of my docs what mashing on my tummy.

I also had three different roommates. The first, I’m more than happy she left. The first thing out of her mouth? “I thought I was getting a private room.” (They didn’t have any at the time.) “Well can I at least get a window bed?” She was carted off pretty quick, which is fine by me.

The second, I barely remember; she was only there over night. The other two were both quite pleasant, and we even had some nice conversations.

Oh wait. You probably wanted some details on the surgery. Well, it went well, aside from needing a blood transfusion both during and the day after surgery, which ended up being on Saturday, June 13th.

One of the oncologists (probably the scariest aspect of all this, because… cancer) checked the mass in my uterus and at first look, appears to be nothing than my fibroids having grown together and starting to die. They’ve sent it off for biopsy as well, just to be sure. But it’s roughly the size of a football, and they shave it apart, 1cm at a time to check for cancerous cells. But the good news is that they’re optimistic.

There were some battles; one with my elevated heart-rate, one with my low potassium. And one with my dang temperature. All of those have been remedied though.

I barely got any food in my stomach because of all the different things they wanted to do to me – like CT scans and draining some fluids in my stomach. Which is probably fine, because my taste-buds are totally screwed up right now. Anything with more than about 200mg of sodium dispersed throughout it is too salty, pepper suddenly is spicy, and anything sweet I can barely taste.

I also remember the events, just not what order they happened in. I can remember what/when before surgery, but then after, it kind of becomes a blur.

Except coming home. That was just this past Saturday, the 20th of June. That was a far more emotional event than I thought it would be, and is best left for a different post while I sort through everything I thought and felt when I walked in my front door for the first time in ten days. 

For now, I am back, and it may take me a little time to get back into this whole blogging thing, but I am back.


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