Neighbors… *Sigh* Something of a Rant

Yeah, we’ve all got them. Some of them, we love. Others… not so much. Last night, we got to know the newest installment to the neighborhood a little better. A young couple, boyfriend/girlfriend, bought the house across the street from us about a year and a half ago. It was a big-time fixer-upper, and as a result, we haven’t gotten much of a chance to get to know them.

Anyway, we hosted a game night last night, and invited them over. They seemed right  up our alley – they have a bobcat sitting in their yard next to the garage, nothing but pickup trucks in the driveway, and he’s a mechanic/landscaper, she mostly does landscaping. They’re as redneck as us. (More so, we found out last night, but that’s okay too!)

We discovered they met at the rodeo, (someone to go riding with! She has three horses,) she just graduated from college in December, and so many other things about them. And we also discovered there is a common neighborhood enemy. As in 70% of the families on our street, plus someone from the street behind them too. This particular couple complains about nearly everything, and continually tries to tell everyone else in the neighborhood how they should be living.

I don’t understand why there is the need for people to impress upon others their own world views as the only “right” world view. There is no “one right way” to walk through this world – unless that is with kindness and compassion for those around you. This world is not about just one person. It does not revolve around any one person. We must learn to live together and respect each others’ differences, cultures and ways of life without forcing everyone else to conform to our own beliefs.

Our differences are what make this world such a beautiful, diverse place to exist. Let’s learn about them instead of being offended by differences we don’t understand because we never stopped to ask questions about them. One example would be when my son asked what a wheelchair was when he saw a man in one when we were out shopping. I explained to him that not everyone can walk. My ever-inquisitive 5-year-old wasn’t okay with that short answer, but that story is for a different post.

The point is… just be nice and respectful to others; you might even find yourself having a more positive attitude.


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